Not every Venus in Scorpio obsessed with jealousy-interpretation of the meaning of the planet

Not every Venus in Scorpio obsessed with jealousy, as not every ambitious Venus in Capricorn, this problem occurs because the interpretation of losing the context or the general picture natal chart.

If, for example, planets in a poor dignity and a normal aspect of that person to make a certain kind of tension according to the sign and house in which it is located. If a person has mostly changeable signs, for example, planets in Virgo and Gemini, Venus in Scorpio will be so jealous, how many will love to flirt and maybe at some point exhibits and emotional indifference to any deeper bonding.

It may be preferred or only its interests with regard to intellectual sign of Virgo and Gemini, some of its interests can be pročavanjem human sexuality …

So the interpretation of Venus or any other planet always goes in the context of the whole natal chart not only the situation in the sign of the field.