Numerology: Are you jealous? Your personal number does best-Check Now!

Based on the number of personal check that your jealousy is “innate” and how can you deal with that feeling.

Personal calculate the number by add up all the figures and dates of birth until they are reduced to jedocifren number.

Unit want to be loved, as if for a moment suspect that is not so, they become jealous. However, rarely to show and hide feelings. Partner must be good to know them to understand what was going on, and if he does not succeed, the unit will pout and fuss about every little thing.

Although like to compare themselves have a strong personality, can not stand that a loved one has friends of the opposite sex.

Note: Members of this number will react violently if their partner engages in the most innocent flirtation, or’ll calm down when they find that his love is truly sincere.

Verne are, and to expect the same from partners. Even the slightest doubt about the loyalty of a loved one, will not hurt them terribly and will not hide jealousy. At any time, must know how and with whom people loved spending time as he expects honesty in a relationship.

Members of this number are very possessive and do not tolerate when a loved one kind to anyone, even if it is a friend or relative.

Attention: Couple would be jealous if she does not pay enough attention when you are in the company, a’ll calm down as soon as he put on a pedestal.

They love to play, are prone to flirting and trying to be endlessly entertaining. They are not jealous when a loved one flirts with others because they do not see anything wrong. But if they see that the lead partner with some interesting conversation to more serious topics, it will be completely derail. For them, the intellectual connection is more important than sex. Then the proverbial bright triplets become irritable and turn into grim vocals.

Attention: Rarely are jealous, but do not hesitate to show it openly. She’ll calm only when they put it clear that they are still the most interesting people in the world.

Tend to love tricks, and even when they are not jealous, pretend to have the injured to evoke pity and partners even more tied to himself. Are loyal, but you should be sensitive to their changing moods.

Attention: We jealous scene for every little thing, with them, you never know. To be calm, they must be carried out on a romantic dinner or buy them a gift set.

It will be jealous if your partner shows admiration for someone else or if you suspect that a loved one considers that there is a more beautiful, more successful and smarter than them. However, feel the rivalry only to people who are better than them, and only then feel threatened.

Caution: Do not like to lose, but become jealous only at the moment when they feel that the loved one that they could withdraw. She’ll calm when you are safe to re-control of the situation.

They are very loyal, but also jealous. In an effort to meet a loved one, the maximum sixes surrender. They become possessive when they see that it is not appreciated and considered that the partner has nothing to look elsewhere, because next to them have it all. I do not like to flirt, but if they get a partner to do so, it will not be offended.

Warning: I have a little doubt the sincerity of your partner’s feelings cause them to jealousy. It takes a lot of time and evidence to be convinced otherwise.

They love to be pampered and flattered that their partner. However, they are very intuitive and will quickly discover if the word pieces with real emotions. If you attain harmony in love, will never be jealous.

However, in the event that a loved one gambles their trust, forever to be suspicious and will constantly check where and what he’s doing.

Attention: Week are not jealous if there’s really no reason for it. You can convince them to trust you if you are honest, because it will result in immediate exposed.

They are very jealous because they are obsessed with sex and love. They like to flirt and will use every opportunity to embark on a new adventure. However, this behavior can not be tolerated partners. They are very intuitive and can not fathom the feelings of other people. Therefore easy to smell a rat and saved a fierce retaliation.

Attention: Jealousy is an integral part of life Eight, if you accept it as inevitable, you will be able to deal with this feature.

By the nature of jealousy, on the contrary, are very liberal and prone to tolerate adultery, which is based on physical attractiveness. However, when it comes to intellectual and spiritual connection, then you become very grumpy. If you realize that you have their secrets revealed to another person, be put into operation their ego. Planuće rapidly and uncontrollably and make a jealous scene, but will soon settle down.

Note: They do not seem jealous physical attraction, but spiritual connection. She’ll calm only when they prove you are above all friends, then lovers.