Numerology: Bioritamski number or how others see us

What drives us as well as our block contained in bioritamskom number. He speaks about how others perceive us. The difference izmđu personal and bioritamskog number is that first we interpret as a result, and the second as a cause. Bioritamski number is what is seen in us.

Bioritam 1
Their energy use only for their own needs and personal goals. Sometimes appear to be very arrogant, self-centered and selfish. Is not that right? If unit have delighted not know how to express an incredibly evil. If you need to overcome your ego that has unparalleled appetite, can be very successful and prominent figures of authority.

Bioritam 2

Here emotions oscillated from enthusiasm to deep fears. From love to sadness, from popularity to retreat. The key problem twos confidence. They no previous leadership role, they are up for the teamwork. Since this is the destiny number, almost nothing depends on them. They are able to reconcile the irreconcilable and incompatible connections. It needs to know that only they, unlike all the other numbers, each big chance in life by getting twice.

biorhythm 3
These people are very optimistic and very desirable in society. They love to help others, but they happen to be utilized by a friend. They have a constant need for adventure, but they often get frustrated with a lot of scars on my heart. However, they have more luck than other numbers.

biorhythm 4
These people are a strong character, which are related to the material world, but do not attach great importance to the money. They live by the rules and propisinma life. Strictly focused and disciplined, do not give your imagination and fantasies. Their life is full of complications and fear resulting from it for a reason. They persistence greatest ally because they do not get easily battle. For everything in life rather make an effort to reach a goal.

biorhythm 5
These are the greatest talkers and it almost always can be sure that you are in the company of fives. Are adept and adaptable, but do not inspire much confidence because their strong characteristics of superficiality. They know how to impress their intellect environment. They are always in a hurry, so if you need company for trips and outings, they are available.

biorhythm 6
These are very charming people in whose presence we feel pleasure. Love and the beautiful feelings are very important for the holders of this issue. They get everything in life the charm, beauty and good manners. However, if they do not do as they pleased, very subtle if you ispreskakati you’ll eventually feel deeply hurt. Family is very important to them, and there are often exploited. Sacrifice and your intimate life out of concern for our neighbors.

biorhythm 7
Most loner with this bioritamskim number. They are born rebels. They expect others to understand them, and that they do not open. Very righteous. When you see a person who does not know what to do with myself and just look at you as if at the same time something is expected of you – be sure to weeks. They have a strange and unusual ideas.

biorhythm 8
They live life to the fullest. They are very energetic and each work gets done without much effort. They are very valuable and devoted, or perform tasks with ease due to the positive attitude. Rare are those who can with them to cope both physically and verbally. They have a lack of patience and planning the future. They live today.

biorhythm 9
When having a conversation with them, you are not sure whether you listen to and whether it is aware of your presence. They are shrouded in mystery, but be sure, nine sympathize with you on a deep level. When you see people to bravely go against all, know that the nines. This is a little complicated code and can be said to contain elements of all the other numbers.