Numerology: Discover why you got married, and what motive does your partner

Gather all the numbers of the date of the wedding until they are reduced to a single digit. Discover OWN and partner’s motive for entering the marriage.

1. Marriage is preceded by love, gentleness and unforgettable romance. You are not rushed into marriage. You know exactly what you want.

2. Marriage is preceded need for childbirth and warm home. It is possible to mix the parents. Examine all over again.

3. Marriage of convenience. Events, gossip and stories before and about everything. A lot of children. Disappointment mistake.

4. Serious marriage and faithfulness to the grave. The need for security and the planned entry into marriage.

5 .. Slobodan marriage from the need for companionship, unplanned, perhaps in his youth. Partner stranger. Puno travel.

6. Marriage is full of love, tenderness and fulfillment as much as you try to make it so.

7. Marriage at the last moment, and it can point to the mistake and unwise decision. Also, it is possible that spouses have the same origin or religion. This will not be fixed marriage.

8. This indicates sex marriage as important. If the partners are co-ordinate with each other should not expect a lot of fulfillment. It is possible that one partner sacrifices for each other for mutual benefit.

9. This is a marriage in which one partner sacrifice of love. There might be a secret marriage, which all circumstances are not favorable to him, and maybe some of the partners handicapped.