Numerology: Do not induce temperament week, the trio were born under the lucky ones … Do you already know your destiny number?

Do you already know your destiny number? If not, you can get by adding the date of your birth, until the Swedes sum of one digit. Numerology is a personal profile of the individual and gives an insight into your preferences in the professional, emotional and other areas. The symbolism of numbers is closely connected with the meaning of the planets in astrology, so that each supports a number of them. Find out what your number is about you.

How do you calculate the personal number

Your personal number can be calculated so as to calculate the sum of your birth date. For example, if you were born 17/05/1969, your number is 1 + 7 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 38, 38: 3 + 8 = 11, 11: 1 + 1 n = 2. Thus, the number 2 is your personal number.

1 – The Sun

Keyword born under the number 1, initiative, independence and individuality. It would not be desirable to be in a situation where you are forced to depend on others. You were born to take the lead. Many politicians and executives of large firms and companies are born under this number. The unit is a primeval force from which all the other numbers come from. It does not allow any limit its potential impact. She walks upright with pride, strong and unwavering with specific objectives.

2 – Month

Most ženstvana among all the numbers, the deuce is always gentle and tactful. If we look at the symbolism of form, it looks bent at the knees. It is true that twins subordinates, but also artistically oriented. Their sensibilities are concerned. It is in stark contrast with the powerful unit, but it is the power of the shadow government. It is a Mata Hari of its gentle power of persuasion reveals other spies. Expressed the sense of music and rhythm.

3 – Jupiter

Number three is as talented teenager who is still under the protection of their parents. A bit spoiled, but he needs guidance. However, the most obvious features of triplets are in a creative field. These people are looking for a career in the arts, particularly verbal art. The charm and wit are their trump cards. Although unwilling to take responsibility, because of the characteristics described them always forgives and indulging. They have a unique quality, and it is to be happy. They are always on Parava place at the right time.

4 – Saturn

The four were male number, which indicates the strength and stability. Its main features are productivity, accuracy and compliance. Patience is one of their strongest characteristics. Traditionalists also can sometimes be boring for some people prone hedonistic principle of life. If we look at the shape Four, we notice severe angles and blades that are precision and associate with the discipline and work. They look physically healthy and strong, neatly, but never exposed.

5 – Mercury

Number 5 is najdinaičniji and energetic of all numbers. Five is an independent, clear the mind and soul. This is an adventurer who was difficult to be in one place, one job, a relationship, and a house. It is not normally found in a career if you do not try a couple of different jobs. If you encounter routine, wantonly to escape from there. Many are engaged in jobs that require travel. Fifthly not mature before 30 years of his life.

6 – Venera

This is considered the most harmonious number in numerology. No families and communities where there is no strong influence of sixes. There is, however, the moment when the Six becomes too intrusive and presents its sacrificial nature of the border where it becomes a doormat. Creating an environment of harmony is its primary motive. In addition, she loves to train others, especially young people to be a guideline. However, it should be kept cynicism of this issue, because it is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

7 – Uranium

Weeks are very intelligent, but their intelligence is not immediately apparent (Einstein was dyslexic and not a particularly good student). This number is intorvertan and maybe a little shy. He’ll never feel truly comfortable in a social context, because they have something strange view of the world. He is spiritual but not religious. They have excellent taste and a natural love for the arts.

8 – Mars

Eight is the number that is least understood. It is true that more emphasis than the other on career, business and finance. If you pay attention to the shape of the number, the association’s balance. Eight is the force that creates easy, but just as easily destroyed. These are intelligent realists. His next of kin 1. Eights are particularly successful in the sport.

9 – Jupiter / Pluto

Nine stands out for all the principles of the other numbers. Suppose math is interesting that when you multiply this number with the other, we get the number whose digits add up when you always give the result 9. This is to say that nine always returns to itself.

The last single-digit number, sophisticated has similarities with the number 6, however, while the six symbol of maternal love, is offering nine world as a whole. Nines are the most tolerant and the most aware. These are great humanitarians who do not make racial differences and do not know the spiritual limitations.