Numerology is the study of numbers, based on the numbers on the impact of human lives …..

Numerology is the study of numbers, based on the impact on the numbers of human lives. Numbers appear from the beginning of time and can be found in all correspondence. There is evidence of the use of numbers in ancient Egypt before 13,000 years ago, and it is known that he himself served Pythagoras knowledge of numbers and managed to find their practical application to everyday human life.

The science of numbers, tries to discover the subtleties of each individual in specific areas, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional power. Also, the numbers speak about human destiny, a spiritual path and karmic lessons, talent, etc. Each number has a particular vibration that has its impact on the individual.

The vibration of numbers depends on the planets in the solar system. It is known the existence of the numbers 1 to 9, and each of the obtained two-digit numbers in the calculation to be reduced to a single digit number. The numbers 11 and 22 are not limited to a single digit number, since it is viewed as a whole. Each letter can also be identified with a particular vibration of numbers from 1 to 9. The karmic lessons and life mission usually speak date of birth and the name and surname.

There are different numerological systems for valuation of some letters, some of them Jewish, Arabic, Greek. In the Jewish tradition there is even a practice of assigning mystical meaning of words based on numerical values ​​and is called gematria.

Numerology system that is mostly used is as follows:

1 = a, j, s

B = 2, k, t,

3 = c, l, in,

4 = d, m, v,

E = 5, n, w,

6 = f, o, x,

7 = g, p, y,

8 = H, q, z,

9 = i, r,

Here one can notice that the letters are lined up in the order they have in alphabetical order. Since it is often impossible to calculate this system most full name in the Serbian language, letters schedule is as follows:

1 = s, f, n, v

= 2 b, g, NJ, with

3 = c, h, o, f

= 4 h, i, p

5? C, j, r, w

6 = d, k, s, x

7 = J, L, S, y

8 = f, s, t, q

9 = e, m, u

Numerological analysis that are commonly used to refer to calculate destiny number, the number of spiritual, karmic number and environmental purposes.

Number of life’s purpose or life path refers to the understanding of life and the challenges that people faced. In the Serbian language, this number is called the personal character or number and obtained by adding the digits in the date of birth, after which the resulting number is reduced to single digits.

Destiny number or personal identification number relating to the talent and potential that person has and which can develop over a lifetime. This number refers to what the person is heavier, the ideal version of the people. This number is the sum of all the letters in the name. For addition, the letters serve a table of numerical values.

Number or spiritual heart is related to the field of interest or way of life that a person needs to go in order to start their spiritual development and experienced fulfillment and completeness. Obtained by adding the vowels in the name and surname of the person.

Karmic number is a number that refers to the fears, lessons and secret fantasies persons. This is a subconscious person and some numerologists believe that this number refers to the qualities that a person had in a past life. Obtained by adding the vowels in the name and surname.