Numerology LOVE: Try this magic, many were convinced of the truth of

Invoke mind a particular person or situation relating to love, then spontaneously think of three single-digit number. The sum which is also reduced to a single number gives you answers to your questions.

The sum of 1

This means that you must be honest feelings, and to strive in particular to a specific person, right. Love has to be romantic and away from the everyday world. You could be a little less selfish, because it could adversely affect your happiness. Open up to new challenges.

The sum of 2
First of all you are looking for security, because you want your home, family and children. Want to love comes to you, but do not believe in it too, because you might miss a lot. To give you an idea is made, it takes a lot of energy to invest.

The sum of 3
Your attitude to love the carefree. You do not want to settle down, you want to enjoy and taste what is offered. This may be a temporary feeling, but it is true to a certain moment. So you have to define your desires and aspirations, otherwise do not count on peace.

The sum of 4
Your attitude to love the sturdy and loyal. Love you consider as an extension of your attitude towards friendship in general, which are the basics of stability and firmness. Since you are persistent, you will not have many relationships in life. You need a sincere partner. However, if you care about the friendly relationship or emotional – you will need to define.

The sum of 5
You are from those families who need it, so you will not even think to marry someone who does not care for the children. You love romance and travel, which means you will attract a partner from afar. Through your love affair and the marriage you want to learn a lot, so you need someone who loves family, travel, education, and physical fulfillment.

The sum of 6
You’re the type who is homebound. First of all, you want a home and a partner who understands you. Practical aspects of marriage will always be important to you and you will make sure that everything is taken care of, before it comes to marriage. Your behavior is the behavior of a mature, reasonable person, who offers love, because you will lead a happy life.

The sum of 7
Selective’re in love and friendship. You kind of a loner, and since you are looking for perfection and the slightest thing can distract you. You are not convinced of the benefits of marriage or intimate relationship, your attitude is perhaps a little too critical.

The sum of 8
Your attitude to love includes the need for money. You are not of those who will say: “It’s not what we’re hungry, but we love each other.” Love is for you is very important, but you love and money go together.

The sum of 9
You are of those who love to give. Feeling that love should expand your horizons and allow you to spend some ideals in practice. You need someone whose heart is wide and full of love as yours.