Numerology REVEALS: Calculate whether your connection leads to a happy marriage

To avoid emotional wandering or tied for the wrong partners, we bring you a guide to help you love quest.

Knowledge of numbers can help us a lot in the emotional life. Each of us has a personal number, which is easily calculated, and it gives an insight into our, but also your partner’s personality. Numbers are like magic. If we find a person with whom we numerological compatible, beautiful relationship is on the horizon, but can become permanent and that leads to marriage.

But some relationships fail despite the best efforts of both partners, something seemed to be missing or the character differences are too great to keep the relationship going. You may have encountered a person who does not agree with your personal number. See numerological guide to help you love the search or say what’s wrong in your relationship.

To find out whether you are for each other, are enough to give you and your partner’s date of birth. Your personal number is the key to the numerological where you can discover how much you are emotionally compatible with your partner. Simply add up the numbers in your birth date and convert them into one number, which is your personal number. Do the same with your partner.

For example, if your birthday 23. 1. 1982, should add up the digits for the day, month and year and turning them into one number.

Month: 1

Dan: 2 + 3 = 5

Year: 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20 then 2 + 0 = 2

All add up: 1+ 5 + 2 = 8 Your personal number is 8

The next step is to find out the birthday person to whom you are in love. Calculate his or her personal number. When you do this, please refer to our description of the numbers that will show you whether you are a partner and numerological soulmates.

Number 1 – shiny lovers
Born in the number 1 are very persistent, often stubborn. They are born leaders, are ambitious and creative. High self-esteem and they are great lovers. According to my chosen hearts are very possessive, but also protective. The person you like to hold a drop of water on hand and like to be a partner in the company proud. Courtship them is never a problem since winning the undisputed charm. The most romantic success will have the numbers 2, 4 and 7. In pairs they like their tenderness, warmth and good nature, a quadrille attract them because of unpredictability.

Number 2 – romantics
Diplomatic and peaceful attitude is characteristic of people born in the number 2. They are great romantics and very imaginative people. Characterized by patience and compassion and kindness in your contacts. They are adaptable and very pleasant to live together. In love are warm and they need a lot of love proof of the partners in order to feel loved. They need a partner who will appreciate their loyalty and sincerity and will to understand their mood swings and tenderness. Units strengthen their self-confidence and great to get along and with the number 7.

Number 3 – falls in love easily
Threesomes are the people that adorns optimism and generosity. Well-meaning are friendly and like to enjoy life and beautiful things. Spiritual, compassionate and easy to fall in love, but they need a partner that will calm them down and give them security. In love people the number 3 is very sensitive, or non-permanent. In the constant quest for the ideal romantic partner, but often rush in from one relationship to another. They agree with the number 6, which will provide them with a lot of love, but also to understand their need for freedom. Well i will agree with the numbers 8 and 9.

Number 4 – hardly binds
People born in the number 4 are very independent and love their freedom. The ingenious and original, and because of their interesting personalities happy to receive them in every society. In all knowledgeable, know that jokes and love people. In love are often unpredictable and difficult for a permanent bind because everyone quickly find a flaw. Before you settle down with someone, go through turbulent love life. People born in the number 1 will be great to get along with quadruplets because they share a similar enthusiasm and love for the changes. Four will also be in good standing with all week.

Number 5 – hiding feelings
They are very communicative people who are characterized by ingenuity, skill and speed. Creative are naturally charming and entertaining. They are curious and love to hang out, entertainment and travel. In love relationships are too often stalled because everything rationalize and emotionally difficult to open. But very seductive, but were successful in seduction. He goes best with units and sixes.

Number 6 – Love is in the first place
Born in the number 6 are the real soul of art that adorn the imagination, good and indulgent temper and tolerance, and that puts them at the top of the most romantic partners. They are always calm, often corrupted, and love them in everything they do always come first. They are very lovable and in the eternal search for a kindred spirit. Without love I can not calm down and seek until they find the right partner. Number 3 they can provide the required security, and great will to communicate. Well i will agree with the number 5, with which it is going to have an exciting life.

Number 7 – anything will do for partners
They are intuitive and imaginative people, often very spiritual. Are prudent, tolerant and indulgent. But they are very sensitive, so it is therefore easy to hurt. From romantic tribulations are difficult to recover, but will take a long while to decide on a new relationship. In love, the gentle, romantic and sensitive and it will do so as a partner. Although they have great intuition, often mistakenly selected partners. Love happiness will easily realize that if they bind with people who were born in figures 1 and 2 because they will have them feeling emotionally very well understood.

No. 8 – in love are wary
Eights are practical people who stand firmly on the ground. Do not get carried away with unrealistic goals, they are very careful and systematic. Patient and have great self-control. The analytical mind and the love are even too careful. Very afraid of being hurt, so long and carefully choose partners. They’re looking for love security, and connection that will immediately be stamped responsibility and sustainability. Precisely because they are most suitable partners born in the number 3 and 9 of the Troika are equally practical as they are, but the nines agree and energy.

Number 9 – handed conquerors
Nines adorn passionate and energetic nature, but often a great stubbornness and rashness. They are sincere and do not like beating around the bush. They have great physical strength, but also expressed libido. When you are in love, completely lose your head. Winning direct and charming, no matter on which the semi word. Both men and women of this issue are very amorous and will do everything to win the person that they love. The charity will get along just fine with threes and fives, with whom it will be a nice complement and be in a harmonious relationship, sixes and eights will calm them down.