Numerology: wedding date reveals the future of your marriage-Numerology is able to describe the future of your marriage!

Numerology is able to describe the future of your marriage on the basis of the date of the wedding. Here’s how to calculate this number is: just add up the month, day and year of your wedding and to keep the sum of the single-digit number.

1 wedding date
On this date the Government of the sun. What attesting the importance of what is important in a marriage. Period dating was unforgettable and very romantic. The choice of the date for the wedding indicates that you are very much in love couple and to strive for full union with the spouse. Within you there is a strong desire that the marriage work, you are probably very thoroughly check each other.

2 wedding date
If you opt for this day, or do you want a wedding in the intimate circle of law or a public ceremony. Motherly advice to married or be fully accepted or fully rejected. Emotional maturity will be a very important factor for the success of this marriage. In any case, do not be surprised if they all play a tear at your wedding, because everyone will be very touched. The reason to enter into this marriage, ruled by the moon is probably the desire for family and warmth of a home, or a desire to find a soul mate who loves children and is able to accept children from a previous marriage and tried to give them parental love. If children are the only reason to enter into this marriage, it may be better to once again reexamine its decision.

Wedding date 3

If you are not kidding when you say that you want to enter into a marriage of convenience, then you married the day No. 3 perfectly suited as a form of recovery of your financial situation through a double deal. You might be worried about the perceptions of the environment, but also obsessed with the idea that your wedding should be the “biggest and best”. However, if you expect a lot from marriage, compound number 3, you’re guaranteed disappointment. In this connection ruled by Jupiter is likely to result in a lot of children, and family gatherings will be an important part of your life.

Wedding date 4
If you think about all the obligations and responsibilities that marriage brings and carefully assessed the “for” and “against” this important decision, you probably chose the day number 4 for their wedding. The significance of the date of the wedding is faithfulness to the grave. The couple joined in marriage on this day unable to work together to achieve all its objectives the partners individually would not have been able to achieve. Whether it is about buying a house or starting a family business, everything will be done carefully pre-planned. Maybe you alone brought together with your partner. The need for security is sometimes the main motivation for the survival of the marriage. Let the roots continue the family name, to build a future – are some of the phrases that are related to the survival of the marriage ruled by Saturn.

Wedding date 5
If you choose this date to the day of his wedding, so you put the emphasis on the quality of communication that you have with your partner, the future spouses. This connection must fight against boredom. The connection will abound travel or change of residence. Young people who get married early and help each other during their studies, staying active and interested in the world around them, a real example of this marriage, ruled by Mercury.

Date Wedding 6
If you choose this particular date for their wedding, you have the blessing of Venus for her marriage. Love, tenderness, peace and happiness are the characteristics of this marriage, but that does not mean that this community has a guardian angel, but the partners themselves must take into account what they are doing and keep your relationship from various temptations. On the contrary, it may even mean that there needs to be spouses struggling more than others to achieve what they want because marriage is the most important thing in their lives. Married to Spouses should always do their best to smooth over an argument, and this marriage is ruled by Venus to reconciliation in every situation. Be an idealist, let your love be natural, because it is the power of this marriage.

7 wedding date

If you chose this day for their wedding, be prepared for changes in plans at the last minute. Although the number seven indicates the surprises in the daily routine, it may indicate a rescue at the last moment. On the other hand, Uranus rules the case, and his number 7 could also mean mistakes and unwise decisions. This can be married the day they decide to persons who do not have the same origin, the same religion or the same nationality. Both sides of the marriage will require a certain degree of freedom.

Wedding date 8
By opting for this wedding date you show that you want to be united with his partner in every respect, even in sexual believe that a very important factor for happiness in marriage. These partners understand the views, so that at the first meeting both immediately clear that they are meant for each other. Being successful in business together, but will in all other respects be united as a couple. This, too, can be a marriage of two people willing to sacrifice themselves for the career of their partners, admiring the courage partner shows tackling the challenges of their profession.

9 wedding date
If you have for your wedding day chosen this date, you might want to keep your marriage a secret. Under the influence of Neptune is possible that one of the parties decides to escape from the house like marriage. Among the partners there is a strong spiritual connection, whether they know it or not. A marriage celebrated this day of destiny, although it seems that everyone was against him and that no other circumstances are not favorable. It is possible that a marital relationship in which both partners have some disturbance, emotional or physical nature, which with the help of a spouse want to overcome. If necessary sacrifices, they will be done out of love.