Numerology: What year in which you were born say about you? Generacijski number tells us a lot about our character!

The numbers in our lives, as well as astrological signs, give an indication of character. This article touches on the importance of the year in which we are born and given to her generation number that tells us a lot about our character, innate abilities, weak and strong points, the possible fate and health.


Provides leadership and people tend pioneering. This is a generation that wants the power and stability of the executive positions to which it may carry authority. It is a huge potential and enormous energy that the units given by birth. But how and whether they will be able to cope with such liability depends on the place where they were born and the relationship with the environment. Then for them to say, as with the personal identification number that due to difficulties tend to be small and annoying. What health concerns are generally vital to people, but you should pay attention to – heart, back, circulation, spleen.

Ode has no leadership, the world is as it is and can not be changed but should accept the situation and adapt. They are not independent, but they are not without strength, because the deuce wherever it is, it is worth. She knows how to reconcile the irreconcilable. Their greatest strength is cooperation, because they can not be warriors rather than negotiators. I keep them in the development of external factors interfere and change their lives, and that they do not ask about it. It is best to always take care of their moves, because their safety is questionable. These people have little enhanced by instinct, but they do not always use. Too bad, because im just that feeling from the stomach can be the best advisor how to win any blockages in that fall, because they go through life with your heart. Sensitive their chest and stomach.

Optimism and a smile is what should be recognizable. Triples in a generation is allowed to take risks and to be a little more than others and indulging in adventure games, because they have better luck. This world is crying out for ideas of a troika and supports all that is creative and imaginative. Threesomes are a generation that is sacrificial for friends and family and try not to fall on the oiliness that would not be the end all was just a feeling of disappointment and izigranosti. As the challenge they were given to help and make life easier for the people around you, or to operate within. On the other hand, the troika should not be caught optimism nor promise what it can realistically accomplish. Threes are sensitive liver, gallbladder, pancreas and thighs.

The generation that is the pillar of all the others. Over time grasping that all rely on them. In the family, at work and in society, respect their opinions, and their word is final. Suffer a huge burden to correct what someone before them had made a mistake. It is not easy, but if you are disciplined, if you are not afraid of hard physical labor, and if you know how to give without question, I can answer the challenge. To them the only correct path, through a certain time and in later years will be more secure and stable of all. Fours sensitive teeth, bones, skin, ligaments.

The generation is definitely the least boring. In most cases these are people who are intellectually strong, rational and skilful. There are those who would say that they are sloppy, but not both. Their openness to life and people are constantly forcing them to change. I can boast that they have a specific goal, or something to that wandering in the end they managed to feed my restless soul. They also recommended that all work here and now, no waiting. You need to travel, learn and write. As much as they condemned and treated as immature in fact they are all subconsciously admire. Fives have sensitive respiratory tract, mouth and tongue, and hands.

The generation as family relations and in it the most important thing in the world. Not only that, they bit the people and their feelings, because only through consistent and harmonious relationships can get a certificate yourself. Hedonists are, love has is very important, but I also enjoy food and drink. They can be noble and righteous or go to the other extreme and become slaves of the material and sensual pleasures. But whatever they may be, are always charming and warm, it’s nice to be near them. You need to know that their family is the beginning and the end, that’s where everything starts and ends here, because they are not able to work if they are lonely. Sixes were the most sensitive reproductive organs, kidneys, venous circulation and throat.

One of the most difficult tasks is given to this generation, and therefore the rebels. Original are constructive, weight changes, but unlike changes petition that says on a personal level, week facing society and their rebellion goes against everything that is backward and outdated. It is not easy and often considered frivolous, sometimes they are, but nobody can say that they are not autonomous and independent. It is difficult in his struggle with windmills and fail to win something for a change, and they can be a little unbearable for society. For weeks are problematic joints and brain function, but also the stomach, because of the great anxiety which are prone.

Here are a generation which, when they want, going great. Think of the possibilities and opportunities which are in the material world, from money to power, they were given the opportunity to reach the top here. The only thing it’s their ” have time ” mainly in the end led nowhere. They can not be denied grit, ambition, desire, enormous energy, constructive and competitive spirit, but there is no persistence. Are unusual, all they served, and perhaps because of that need to push them to hang over your head and constantly remind them to capture shortcuts because they are too relaxed. Eights are all numbers most resistant to disease, but should be used to control the adrenal glands, muscles, head and reproductive organs.

The generation that can carry on their backs the whole burden of the world. They all inherit from the disease in the family to the property. Working as worthy, persistent and stubborn, but that’s two of everything in life. They have time for everything and everyone, you will find them among the kings and beggars. Only do not have much time for yourself, it is to meet its internal needs and for emotional fulfillment, in this regard are quite erratic and somewhat unhappy. Sensitive their feet and pituitary. You should take into account the moles and tumors.