Numerology: Who belongs to the leading functions and status! The numbers from 1 to 9 can provide insight into the preferences of his career ….

The numbers from 1 to 9 can provide insight into the career preferences. Our ambitions and predispositions to some leading features and political affinities. Who is destined to become a leader, Discover.

1 – Some are born under the number 1 possess leadership qualities and it is in their blood. Their ambitions surpass the power of any other number. Because of its intellectual and handling characteristics, but mostly because of their resolute attitude, they collected during the life of its followers. They are capable of independent decision-making and their confidence is evident at first glance. Their ambitions are directed to strive to maintain their leadership. This is often related to political engagement.

2 – You were born under the number 2 recorded its luster on the mental and artistic level. They use their imagination to manage and manipulate situations. If they become leaders, they do not resort to aggressive and dominant approach. They are born to rule from Seneca. They are struggling to resolve the situation in a decent way with selected manners. Introduce new trends at a modest level.

3 – Individuals born under the number 3 have a deep sense of responsibility and self-discipline. Fiercely ambitious and do not like a subordinate position. Occupying an imperious attitude have excellent management skills and are great to carry out commands. They are hardworking and honest. When in power tend to be dictators.

4 – Born under quad are blessed with innovative and kalkulatorskim abilities. Characteristics of their rapid conclusion and manipulative skills. Unconventional in their views and opinions. Instinctively rebel against the rules and regulations, so sometimes being slandered because of too much honesty. They have to rely on a large number of opponents in his career.

5 – The petition was endowed with intuition. They were awarded the best cards. Independent are thinking, or commands executed perfectly. They are the favorite in their environment, this applies to a wide audience. Sometimes impulsive in their actions, but they are not resentment. Mostly they are willing to take a risk in everything which I engage.

6 – There is a great sense of responsibility. Sixes wider magnetic attraction and have great influence on the masses. They are born to be politicians, or under someone else’s instructions. Media exposure was made optional because they captivate the audience. Relentlessly carry out their plans for personal motives, they do not fight to be first, but gained great popularity.

7 – These are strong individualists marked affinities with art. Love of literature philosophically leaves a mark in their work. They opposes all clichés and harder infinite freedom. These molds do not touch each other and therefore do not fit into certain Parva and templates. More unfit as leaders because they could revolutionize radical decisions.

8 – You were born under the number 8 are practitioners who are capable of passing isparvnih individual decision taking into account the needs of individuals. They have a deep and intensive nature and strong sense of individuality. They are great successors or total losers. In this case, unfortunately, there is no protection. In his career are often faced with conflict situations.

9 – These are independent people, ambitious for power. They face the great battles of life at an early age, but eventually establish balance, which emphasizes their courage. They do not like that kordinisani. In order to enjoy the position of leaders are forced to fight for the position.