Numerology: Your name reveals your hidden desires and characteristics … The numbers speak louder than words

If the number of life’s journey is calculated by adding the digits of the date of birth of your first and last names come to intimate, inheritance and active number. It expresses all your goals, stramljenja and hidden desires.

The principle of calculating the collection figures under which the letter of your name, all the while not to reduce the sum of the single-digit number.

Number 1 – These people always attract attention. They have a strong sense of identity and generally achieve great success in life.

Number 2 – These people are great and tend EMOtionals art. They do not have an analytical attitude and not resort to the analysis.

Number 3 – These people are characterized by great courage. Names are predisposed to get a happy life circumstances.

Brij 4 – The strength, concentration and commitment to a specific purpose and a bit too strict understanding of life and people. They should be a little more relaxed.

Number 5 – These people can not imagine life without the active segment of society. Communicative, are friendly and lively.

Number 6 – They are charming and likeable but somewhat unstable. Love beauty (shapes and colors), and interest in the people and nature. It attracts them and the occult.

Number 7 – very lonely and often is the case that they have a big problem with the nervous system. Great potential for studying various spiritual disciplines.

Number 8 – This number brings many obstacles and difficulties in life is not easy. However, they all find strength.

Number 9 – People of great power who know how to manage it. This rule inherit everything from illness to the property. All understand the right way so it can sometimes be a great cynics.