NUMEROLOŠKA JEALOUSY: Who is the king of the scene, who seeks the admiration and who knows no jealousy?

Check under your personal number how many are subject to feel jealousy. Do personal number you will enter by all the numbers add up your date and year of birth until the result is not reduced to single digits. Example: 06/05/1976. Adding the + 5 + 6 + 9 + 1 + 7 = 34 6 3 + 4 = 7.


Their reactions were tumultuous. Do not tolerate competition and are very possessive and jealous. The units do not recognize anyone else can replace them slightly. Vanity them is quite pronounced, so that the principle of their water does not give, or someone else is welcome.

Sentimental and sensitive twos are true, so it is natural to expect that loyalty is mutual. However, if a moment begin to doubt their partner, their confidence is difficult to go back and become open for new acquaintances although they keep in touch.

From Troika can not expect complete loyalty. Prone to flirting and it has no form of liability in an emotional sense. However, its games are harmless and she has no motive to hurt the other side. They Intellectual competition more important than physical circuit.

The total absence of jealousy, because Four is synonymous with confidence. If there is a doubt in your partner’s loyalty in this case there is a legitimate reason. Rationalize the situation and leave the scene without major partners forever. When one of them fails, there is no turning back.

If in partnership fails admiration for fives, it indicates that her emotions subside. Partner would have to come up with a serious justification. Since they do not suffer loneliness, will try to find compensation and satisfaction to one another and to an expedited procedure.

Six is ​​loyal, but also jealous. It binds to a partner and complete surrender to him that even neglect of someone close. Not prone to fraud, if betrayed, will suffer long. If you stay in a relationship, it will never be the same emotion.

She enjoys while her partner pleases in every sense. They intuition is very strong and unlikely to miss their partner’s potential outage. If you adjust the relationship and make a harmonious relationship, never cheat. However, taking into account their pronounced temperament, if you do not feel security will have the freedom to themselves without feeling remorse seek peace and on the other side.


Eight is one of the najljubomornji number. Obsession with sex, it leads to the illusion that a partner becomes their property. However, they themselves are not faithful, but it stems from the fear of disappointment. If they feel cheated, partner will not go unpunished.

Nine of the liberal views and her feeling of jealousy is not known. However, not their ego ENDANGER an unnecessary outages because their affective reactions then. They prefer a friendly and fair attitude in love.