Of all the zodiac signs, this attracts the emotionally unavailable

They are thinkers, evaluators, observers, analysts, perfectionist, hard working, pragmatic and intelligent people.

They can also be dominant, critical and overly nervous, with high and often unrealistic expectations. Hard to open your heart and are not the kind that fully dive into the depths of love, without testing the water.

They – Device.

What prevents Device to taste true love is their fear of intimacy and their real and logical thinking. Due to their constant endeavor to achieve perfection and the fear of not living standard who have set themselves, it can happen to them that they see as worthy of love, and often self-esteem and what prevents them from it.

Therefore, Device often attract beautiful disaster, lost targets and most importantly, they emotionally unavailable. These types of people are a safe bet for Virgin, because Virgin felt that “perfect enough” and deserve the same “perfect” partner. Virgo does not have to give everything he has to offer in connection especially if you do not believe that it will take a long-term relationship.

Instead, the device will continuously work on improving yourself and keep your heart and emotions to the possibility of true and authentic love.

Device cautious and will wait for perfection will not be happy nor satisfied with anything less than that. They are intuitive creatures, great inner strength and their mission is to find true, everlasting love.

However, they are not looking for the love of fairy tales – what they want is a partner who takes responsibility for himself, someone who is authentic and who can show the true and complete love.

Device as sensual beings and are often greatly misunderstood, because their best to cover up his sensitive side and therefore can act cold and insensitive to others’ feelings.

This is often all acting and test to see how strong Virgo someone willing to win their hearts. Only the strong will win and the Virgin hopes that the weaker ones fall off.

Device is constantly working on self-improvement and have high standards for themselves and these standards are projected to others until you find a partner who lives according to their expectations. Until then, they will be happy to be left alone, to spend time with learning, reading books and generally will live in peace, distanced from anyone who comes close until the right person comes along.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase: “The most attractive part of the man / woman has their mind” – it should definitely be dedicated to the Virgin. They intellects of the Zodiac and their smart, analytical and insightful thinking makes them great philosophers and intriguing and interesting people.

Their childlike interest in life will lead them to the most dazzling conversation on their way to the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

Device as earthy signs and they are humble and grounded individuals, who prefer to spend their free time outdoors, in nature. They enjoy the routine, very practical, and pay attention to the fine details, so that their environment clean and tidy.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and for this reason are talkative and very good at communicating.

Device are self-critical, but they can also belittle and criticize anyone who fails to reach extremely high expectations that they require of those around them. This constant need can cause disruption of friendship, even if they do not want.

Even when they find someone not “perfect”, who will engage in a relationship, they will still have the desire desire to improve them. It is important to remember that the Virgin partner is a reflection of her personal insecurity, rather than a reflection of their imperfections.

Capricorn seeks perfection and very difficult to resist the urge to not require other unrealistic standards set.

The most important thing to remember is that those ties prefer to take things slowly develop. In this way, buying himself time to be able to rationally assess the other person before you decide to take the risk. After the Virgin decides, she is able to fully let and is very warm, intense, passionate and deeply sensitive partner.

Device Emotions are always much deeper than what appears on the surface. This is due to the depth that often have a fear of relationships, because they know – when culverts – may no longer be able to control.

Virgo seeking unconditional love and loyalty, she wants to be with someone who is willing to price its tendency to seek perfection.

Aries makes life unpredictable Device, which can be a good thing in small doses, but she can also create discomfort and emotionally draining.

Taurus is compatible with Virgo, because they are both practical and patient and have a huge heart. Both signs love to care for others, emotionally and physically.

The twins are good at communication, so that the interview take place spontaneously, however, the twins will not have much patience with the overly sensitive side of the device.

Cancer is also compatible sign. Although very different, they can achieve a balanced relationship. Both are caring, compassionate and complement the.

Lions inspire Virgin, however, their fun lifestyle can make Virgo feel as if they lack a deeper and more realistic connection.

Device to another Devicom share very similar features and how they can reject, can also draw from each other and the best. They understand very well, however, because of their constant need for criticism might feel exhausted and uncertain.

Scales are balanced and great listeners, as both seek security in a relationship, can easily form a strong bond.

Scorpio are intense and very dedicated to the love that Virgo price, and both characters enjoy digging deep emotion and after learning about emotional problems, which is great for calming device.

However, Aries will quickly become impatient because of the constant criticism Device and desire for perfection and is likely the connection will fall apart but will stay together.

The shooter probably will soon get tired of constant criticism Device.

Capricorns are perfectionists, so that the pair could not function very well. They find solace in true friendship and have a mutual respect for each other and thus make a great team.

Aquarius and Virgo can operate in two modes – or to bring out the best or the worst from each other.

They can grow together and learn from each other or if you do not “click”, everyone will just go their own way.

Fish are the complete opposite of the Virgin and this connection can work well, but only if both are willing to be open, patient and tolerant of their differences if they are willing to each other to meet in order to be better informed.