Of them do not expect sympathy and compassion! These are the most selfish SIGNS HOROSKOPA who think only of themselves!

The following signs of the zodiac are known for their self-centeredness, and the need to do only what suits them. Of them do not expect sympathy and compassion.

They think that the whole world revolves around them! These are the four smuggest Zodiac sign:


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is best known for his persistence. What he has to devise and realize, will surely get it, no matter how many friends you lose along the way. Rams often do things for personal gain, think about yourself and goals.


Taurus has a need that everyone draws attention to their problems which, according to him, the biggest and more important than someone else’s. Although it is very calm and good friend, many criticize his uncompromising behavior, emphasizing only the things that make his life and that he is interested.


Fiery Lions are known for their high opinion of themselves and often exaggerated. Leo thinks he’s the best in everything he does, he needs a lot of attention of others, as well as the needs of its value. Due to the incredible desire to prove, it often appears a heavy dose of arrogance, which is often known to irritate the other.


This after all is unusual character so much in love with himself that absolutely everything he does is considered the only correct. At the moment however, doubt your decision, or think that something is not working well, things will “rearrange” in a way that will confirm that all around him wrong.