ON in Aries-Pisces general characteristics (ASTRO)

Mostly tall, athletic and brighter complexion or hair. Youthful, has a happy face, walk upright, loves sports clothes. He’s meticulous, except mature when it can be too relaxed. Over the years, getting more and more serious appearance, although long-acting young. It has a penetrating gaze and can seem a bit “dangerous”, as someone for whom you are never sure what he meant.


Is confident, loud, dominant, childish, idealistic, creative, fun, musical, proud, conceited, dignified and ambitious. It works accessible and friendly, a lot of stories, but a few shows – especially about themselves. He did not hold grudges and is not lit up. Sociable and likes to be informed about everything that is in the course of social events. Never give up on the target and if there is a vision of what it wants to achieve in life is ready to sacrifice a lot.

Career, money

It is not a materialist, but does not accept to do anything. His career is important only if it deals with those he loves. If not satisfied with the job, it can be pretty lazy. His money is important and likes to have it, but do not allow to govern his life, especially as he can not handle money.


The soul of the cavalier and protector can be totally unpredictable in their reactions because it is impulsive, and if he thought that his partner does not admire enough the leaves. I do not like to talk about their emotions, often has a secret affair that nobody knows. Sex it is more important than love, although in a romantic soul, yet dubious whether to find the ideal woman. It has a very simple approach to sex and does not fall in refined types of men, but everything depends on the Ascendant. The love is not coping very well when you allow yourself to his life emotions prevail over reason, and it happens often.

The charity is best with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

The family

Aries is a family man, but that does not mean that much time in the house. Is related to the mother and the wife and daughter while the father is seen as an authoritative figure that is willing to listen, but the father can direct his life and in a direction that was not for him the best.


The most sensitive of his spine, back, sinuses, legs, or have problems with circulation and sight.