On the Libra-Vaga general characteristics (ASTRO)

Youthful works, takes care of his appearance, the bright skin and hair. Mostly forces gentlemanly style and very rarely works dangerous. Gentlemanly and cared for the type of man who is discreet and likes to sport dresses.


Reliable is discerning, not too warm and gives the impression of more sensitive person than it actually is. Trying to keep control over your emotions and not let anyone to “read”. A good diplomat, merchant, lawyer and artist.

Career, money

He is capable of that because, moonlights and often performs several tasks simultaneously. He is very concerned that everything he does has a certain level, but also the easiest way to get to the money. He’s a good organizer, negotiator and knows how to set up so that everyone respected. Rarely confrontation with colleagues at work. If you engage in the arts or sports, can achieve superior results, but also a good mathematician and writer.


Considered one of the best lovers, gentlemanly kind of guy who thrives in women cause a feeling that only one in his life. As a lover is unpredictable, rather than a romantic passion. Not possessive, tolerant and try to achieve a harmonious relationship. I do not want to leave a bad impression and continues to be a gentleman and after termination, and with wife usually stays in a friendly relationship. The marriage was not always faithful, but her husband will not leave her for another woman unless he married is not very bad.

The family

The marriage has either very young or mature. He loves children, and the father and the son is very sentimental. It is particularly sensitive to the father who idealizes. When you set up your family, rarely makes important decisions, because it leaves the wife. The children gives great freedom to them is a friend than an authority, but she’s trying to teach them the right values. Dugo provides them with financial assistance and the goal is to leave as many children. He is very keen to provide a comfortable family life.


I feel good when you have full freedom to do what he wants. How often expose themselves to unnecessary efforts should more often to go to a medical examination. He’s trying to lead an orderly life, but can be prone to alcohol.