On the Scorpio-Sagittarius general characteristics (ASTRO)

He does not go unnoticed. It works somehow “dangerous” if it has the appearance of peaceful natured type, which is very rare. Immediately you notice that the fighter and to not surrender. His face can be quite frank, cordial, warm, passionate, but you will not know what his intentions are. One of najmuževnijih signs in the Zodiac, because it has “that something” that other men are trying to be, but Scorpio is born with it. And when it is polished and sloppy operates charismatic.


He knows what he wants in life and never surrender. He is a true fighter is not for ideals, but for ideas. Creative person who can create money and reputation. Mostly a lot more generous than it shows, because I do not want to abuse by people because of his goodness. Ceni comfort, knows what is the right quality, a good psychologist, he can assess the situation and people and to win for each of your goals. He did not hold a grudge, but it kind of reputation. No one ever knows everything about him. Do not allow it to be manipulated. Loyal until someone believes that he deserves. Dedicated to a certain extent, manages to keep yourself stress and to control temperament. Hedonist.

Career, money

Everything works great, because it only does what he wants and likes, and that’s gritty. Lider, persuasive than Aries and Aquarius, a leader whom people confide. It may be eccentric, brilliant artist and a banker, a doctor, a psychologist. He enjoys what he does and enjoys creating money and spending it. Do not be afraid of competition, cancellation, do not fear the lack of money, he always settled. Price loyalty and diligence.


Seemingly simple, in fact very few people know how he felt. Fair boasts of keeps to himself and has to be with a partner that price. Partner is a mirror of himself. Important to him is the beauty of women, but even more its mystery, its quality and its inner strength. Not the kind of guy that likes women girls, unless they agree to with it increasing. Passionate, determined, valid for the best lover in the Zodiac. Possessive, jealous, but not unsafe. There are often several marriages and passionate relationship before marriage. He does not want to miss the pleasures of life. If you have a family, and decided to get a divorce, a great father.

The family

Does not like to stay in the house and seems a bit distracted. Not overly tied to the home, the more the family from which he came and ancestors, but for the one on form. Strive to provide maximum financial one you set up, it is bountiful.


He likes to engage in physical activities and therefore long-acting and has a youthful good health.