On the sign Gemini Blizanaca- general characteristics (ASTRO)


They are mostly tall and slender, and if the lower growth because they do not have a complex. Its dynamic movements appear youthful and mature. The most common light hair, and if you are dark-haired, when possessions, look younger. They seem slight, boyish and have quick movements.

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Communication are friendly, often very astute, witty and very popular. The unconscious can be intriguing, as they often say something inappropriate, but not malicious. Adventurers at heart, curious and the intellectual and the physical plane. Mobile, like to travel, researchers, journalists and teachers were born. Niko as Gemini does not understand so well have to explain, because their sign ruler Mercury, planet of logic. The Musical, great dancing, and can be great athletes. They’re great friends and a pretty good go through life.

Career, money

This apparently confused and frivolous boyish type and and how she manage when it comes to careers. How is all lovable and loved, they love it, and bosses and coworkers and colleagues. He’s funny in spite of it all relaxed. How to deal only with what you really are interested, it is always motivated by what he does. It’s great as an athlete, writer, singer, actor, journalist, a traveling salesman, a private entrepreneur, producer, director, stylist, fashion designer. The money does not care, or has it or not, is generous, consumes relentlessly, may look like an English gentleman without a penny in his pocket, or a bum, but that there is big money in the bank account. Resourceful, but a bit messy, which is why there are ups and downs in his career.


He’s handsome, but often uncertain, sociable, likes to be the center of attention, often seduces without much emotion. He is convinced that he is the one who chooses, but it is actually selected. He likes to have fun, to be with eccentric girl, dominant, popular, and is often associated with the older girls. It is argued by changing partners. Often it is not interested in sex, or at least with a permanent partner. The woman he marries sees a mother or a sister than a lover. The society is great, but privately quite difficult for living together. It may be inclined parallel short-term bonds, which is why there is never a sense of guilt.

The family

Not as good as the host father or husband, as the most maudlin toward parents. Eternal Son, excellent in the parental home, and in her is not coping well. He likes to avoid household chores, but it is so great as “inside guy”, just need to wait to return. Take on the market and ends up in the coffee shop or the gym. However, as the father is very nice for children, which it very quickly escalate into an emotional sense, because i do not bother to be an authority than the other. Stations parent or very young or mature.


He is prone to hand injuries, shoulder, tendons, feet and declining immunity.

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