On the way to forgive and forgive you in general! It’s easy to offend, but you will easily forgiven …. (astro)


It’s easy to offend, but you will easily forgiven if you inadvertently hurt. However, avoid conflicts and not provoke Aries, do not “take a shot” by the vanity, that you will neither forgive nor forget, because it is vindictive.

However, if you have used or in love, no matter what always has to be right and is not tolerant – forgive you, because it will not complicate life itself. Does not forgive anyone and never, if you deliberately insult or endanger his partner, because Aries is very possessive.

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Since the vain, Taurus expects your attention, but as the jealous and obstinate, he forgives difficult because of the grudge and do not forget, if you ignore or jeopardize his pride, his family, his home. Since most compelling when the headstrong and when everything works leisurely (but not to celebrate something you promised), the easier you will forgive him, but on you, especially if you considered your friend. The woman Taurus easier forgiving friends, but friends, according to which the more mistrustful.


They are not as simple as they seem at first glance, because deep down fear that they do not like or do not sufficiently appreciate as much as you deserve. When they feel, Aries will not forgive you if they endanger a defense mechanism by which they protect themselves from emotional disappointment. If thwart them in their attempts to be calculated, especially in love, unforgiving and will show you the other side of their nature can be a cruel practical, but not vindictive.


Although Crabs charming, cuddly and compassionate, you dare to touch in his ego, or anything to jeopardize his huge vanity – it does not say you are good. Because cancer is a vindictive, remembers everything and does not forgive easily, although in most cases, he says as he had no idea what was going on, and egocentric Račica skillfully played by “innocent”, but is actually self-sufficient. Although the more emotional of Cancer, the Tropic of men can not rely too much, or you will not forgive because if they do not offer a shoulder to cry on, then when they need it.


Leo you will not forgive, but not forget, if you ignore, diminish, or do not notice, because he likes to be the center of attention, and if not – dramatizovaće an event and everyone will turn to him. Can you blame if you smile his childish behavior that sometimes works stilted and sometimes spoiled – but you will forgive me. As the noble, yet you will find handy when needed, though that’s part of his game that makes it clear that without it can not. Unforgiving, if he his loyalty, not return the most sincere affection, especially if you are an emotional partner.


Although he did not hold a grudge, and is even willing to put up with insults, Virgo will not forgive you if you gossip, but at the same time do not know how to be discreet, because for her it extremely primitive form of behavior. Since they do not suffer defeats, they will not forgive you if you imagine a better worker than her, but did not, because hardly anyone can surpass it in business. Besides, I always wanted to be prepared if something comes up unexpectedly, as it is cautious, but you will not forgive surprises that are not to its liking and they will react with anger and anxiety.


She will not forgive, but not forget, if you’ve been unfair to her, if you ignore or do not notice in a society which prefers to shine as a true Libra enjoys the admiration, flattery and compliments. Time it kept not only his own vanity, but also its hidden need for subtle domination, for love, Libra is capable of and that you condoned and that you would never forgive me, it all depends on the kind of affection that she expected from the person from which obtained.


She appreciates the loyalty and honesty, but does not tolerate fraud in any form and therefore does not forgive easily. When you cease to love someone does not mean that she is the person tired, but he was so disappointed in her, that she can not be with her, but Scorpio does not forgive. Although everything works, it works deliberately, because it knows exactly what she wants and how to achieve that, Scorpio is essentially an extremely emotional and loyal to those he loves.


Although not tolerate dishonesty and is very fair, Sagittarius is usually surrounded by people who do not want him well, but he never intentionally cruel, but not enough tact. However, if its position ugozite professional, social or jeopardize the position, then the lack of clocking code it turns into a malice. The love is a different story, however, until his partner tolerate trips and isken according to him, all he forgives and remains with him.


He has a lot of grudge that long and deep down suppressed feelings of anger and injustice that has survived, and then maybe he was powerless to oppose. But he remembered the years, sometimes decades, and welcomed his five minutes. Because, Leo does everything to get the recognition that it is just a declaration of love, as is more confident in their knowledge, but in himself. Therefore, Capricorn difficult to forgive, if he had been betrayed or let down, and so it is worth to have a partner, because one of the characters that you can always rely on.


Although he did not hold a grudge and knows how to forgive, one you will not forgive – if not her loyal, devoted, if not her real friend, and you represent that you are eating or Aquarius believed in you. He will forgive you if you try to control or try to have power over her, because she knows that this is impossible. Having an affair and likes to always be yourself and do not like to account, Aquarius is ready to forgive many more partner mainly to her and expected.


Because they know that force and defiance often know how to go against their interests or ‘to his own detriment, “Fish have long memories offense, primarily due to the highly vanity. Therefore, we will not just forgive but not forget if you did not give them the character as much as they deserve. Love can do a lot to endure, even the person who humiliates or debases them, but once you decide to leave, there is no more forgiveness and nothing they can no longer make her return.