ON THEIR “Žvakė” everyone will TRAPS: These three zodiac signs are masters courtship!

They know exactly how to behave and what to say to women who want to win!

There are men who are so ušeprtljaju in the company of a woman they like the most silent and thus give the impression of an untouchable, but in fact they do not know what will treme. But there are also those who are masters of courtship, whose “gum” can fall and women who are hard to get. We present to you three zodiac sign in which the company if you do, it is likely that you will be won.


He seduces view and touch and does this woman whom he can to win, if only enough wishes. For his desire is stronger than any obstacle, insurmountable circumstances and impossible situation, so that even what would disrupt the other, for him to be – a challenge. Neither his appearance nor his age never have to do with its power of seduction and conquest, because Scorpio is a real magnet for women: gallant enough, mysterious enough and persistent enough, but it is rarely that a member of the opposite sex can resist.


He does not like a born winner of the environment a lot, and his eyes sparkle when she saw a potential “prey”. Not choosing is not much place, nor the time, because it is too impatient, but the attack starts immediately when you saw it. Direct is charming, aggressive and open, and you zasmejavaće jokes and details of his life, until he agrees to see him again. perhaps that very evening.


He is so debonair, charming and relaxed, that at the first meeting did not have the feeling that you Institutes winning or doing anything like that. To you lights a cigarette, pour any drink into a glass, thoughtfully silent without taking his eyes off you while you talk (and you do not even know what he’s thinking), rejects calls to a mobile phone (while you bugging whom it will not occur) – all you before, and you are not even aware that you are “hooked”. On parting, the man Taurus will not say anything, but you will soon see a message on your mobile phone.