ONA Aries – Love profile (Astra)

Zena RAM is extremely independent person and that’s why many people may seem to hate the opposite sex, however, nothing could be further from the truth than this accusation. It is dominant and has a nonchalant attitude. It is very energetic and can be sexually aggressive and rude. He likes to make love on a wild ways. With a lot of noise and aggression, she was like a wild beast in the bedroom – playful, vibrant and fearless. It’s pretty athletic and likes to use his body for activities, not only love, but also sports. Otherwise, ma’am RAM is romantic in love with love. She feels the love for life satisfaction, free the soul, always looking for a lover, not a “father” or “leader”. Is extremely idealistic, pursued those things that interested and very rarely take “no” for an answer. Ms. RAM there is no problem to attract the attention of the opposite sex, because she is always there where something is happening, and in the center of the action. Usually there are problems on financial savings, because the money she easily slips out of his hands. It also can be a problem for a man who snjom appear before the registrar. But she would not tolerate anyone that her bossy over your head, does not tolerate intrusions into her privacy, and often get angry if your partner is late for a meeting. He loves when others ask for advice, it gives her a sense of significance. She will never stop and wait for your partner, no matter what it is. He must suztizati its pace of life, otherwise she will leave it far behind. This can be a big problem for Aries woman who likes to constantly and in all competing with your partner and trying to win the helm for themselves. It’s no big interest in making great efforts to be a good housewife, still plays an important role, and extremely good mothers to their children. Emotionally strong, passionate and can be extremely loyal as long as in their partner see a strong and a potential person. She simply suffering from mania to reconcile and bring together others in the family often plays the role of a neutral peacekeeper, but if it is hot, often peacekeeping role known to replace warrior, sometimes just to get a little more attention or to release frustration. It can be aggressive, impulsive, dominant, energetic and tireless when it comes to love.