ONA Cancer – love profile (ASTRO)

Woman RAK wants to be treated with love and respect and is able to leave without a long hesitation aggressive partners. She is the type of woman who will sacrifice everything possible for his family and cvtrsto stand on the side of your spouse. She loves romance and compliments likes to be praised for his every action, he likes sharing affection with a partner, hugs, affection … and will not be happy with someone who is cold and economize in feelings or even indifferent to the welfare of the family. Mrs. RAK loves to be in love, love love, and when you really loves you, loves you forever! She has a generosity of spirit and the incredible power of feelings. By nature warm and demonstrative, your partner will be done by a firewall, and woe to those who try to seize it for her! In her opinion, the man is the one who should make the first step rapprochement, and although it knows immediately whether to accept the offer or not, she’s conduct will not allow him to advance “read” their intentions. Once choosing a partner, is ready to do everything for him, and what he is asked in return is total fidelity. She’s very vulnerable and prone to tears, she needs to know that he can not be without her, and she did not let on one prove his love for her – should it prove yet again, which means “for life”. Men no games with this lady if their intentions are serious – her moods change with the moon! Her sensitive nature can be very tricky! It often feels misunderstood at the emotional level and she needs a partner who will understand and feel its fragility. Unpredictable even in the eyes of your partner – he will never know in advance its reaction, whether it be greeted with tears and with a smile on his face. But what he needs to know that she is always re-needed proof of his love. No matter how attractive she will never feel sufficiently attractive if you feel hurt, prone to withdraw into their protective armor and becomes aggressive and brazen. No matter what kind of mood is, one thing is predictable at this woman and this is her unpredictability!