ONA in Aries-Pisces general characteristics (ASTRO)

Mostly blond hair and blue eyes, tall, often athletic. Due to the narrow hips seems a bit masculine. She dresses or sports or excessive ladies and color of likes blue, black and burgundy. There are usually long blond curly hair, often wears a bun, ponytail or short sports hairstyle. He likes to stand out legs and sex appeal. In keeping there is something a bit oppressive and gives the impression of a person who is very sure of herself.


Seemingly open and direct, and in fact never of themselves do not reveal much, only what she wants. It may be a little nervous, impulsive and childish sincere. I often say and what you do not mind, why is later annoyed. He likes to keep everything under control, but she often does not succeed. Ka purpose goes very directly, but often it can be a bit uncomfortable. Ambition and success is the most motivated and, thanks to the great energy, mainly in that success.

Career, money

She’s very keen to build a career and have a good social status, which most often achieved through marriage. It is a great improviser and for every problem, from business to finance, it is easy and simple solution. There must be a lot of money because she loves to spend, generous and loves other lavishes attention.


It has a very simple approach to love and sex. When it’s all easy, but it can become quite neurotic if there is no partner, or if you do not get enough love. Is ready to sacrifice maximum for a partner who is very carefully selected. Erotic life is not as good quality as far as common and not particularly refined lover, but men overwhelmed the direct performance. He knows what he wants, when he wants and get it no matter at what cost, especially in his youth when he is very insistent that as soon marry. Few people born under this sign that long-suffering for love, marriage usually has two or two significant connections in life.

In love, the best match of Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

The family

He likes to keep the strings in his hands. The house is almost nothing going on and that she was not informed about it. Not even as a gentle mother nor the daughter, but he is very dedicated and willing to do what it deems to be. Although towards the family has a good attitude, often egoistic, so too early in children independent, and by parents as an adult is not overly sentimental.


It usually has vision problems, suffers from insomnia, a mature most sensitive to her ankles and hips, and is prone to injury.