ONA in Virgo-Virgo general characteristics (ASTRO)

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, belongs to the earth element, the ruler is Mercury. Sun is in Virgo from August 23 to September 23. Device as analytical, meticulous, intelligent, but sometimes too petty and attach too much importance to detail.


Tip girls or ladies rarely lavish beauty with pronounced curves. Often experiencing the transformation from inconspicuous looks to femme fatale. He likes high-quality clothing, jewelry, works on it all fancy. Her hairstyle is very important, from the details loves quality leather goods, especially comfortable shoes and beautiful ladies’ handbags.


Often dissatisfied, but too much cultural and brought up in order to openly showed. Sometimes fails to control the temperament and can be tactless, which is later annoyed, because he wants to think about it all nice. Annoying is the fact that few people understood or seen as a femme fatale, and often it can be, as it enters the strange love affair that often also have a need to control emotions.

Career, money

With the money handled carefully as it is a dynamite. She was born to luxury, but thinks the savings to acquire before they dared to enter private business. Bira place for communication, does not like to personalize, as it is by nature very closed, but not antisocial. Marketing, media and interior decoration jobs are created for her. If you concentrate on the job, achieved success, but will rarely family life subordinated career.


Very mysterious and unfathomable. He’s afraid to show emotion and passion, and she wants something happens. What is older, it is more likely to gain confidence and experience very pleasant moments in the company of her partner, who are usually from another city or state. He likes excitement and confusing situation even fit some time to be the second in a relationship or to enter into a secret relationship, but it will not last in the long run.

The family

Correct, but not intrusive. It often feels like a victim because the family is always at hand, since it is always expected support, advice and assistance. If the youngest child, the parents almost do not notice. In a situation where he wants to be independent, the parents will give her comments that are not in favor. Eventually they will learn how to build a defense mechanism.


Often headaches nerves of heart palpitations or psychosomatic disorders related to stomach. As a hereditary disease may have poor venous system and frequent bronchitis.