ONLY for the bravest: These are the deepest, darkest mane of each zodiac sign!

Astrology perfectly revealed what was once one person. I, as perfectly knows our strengths and advise us on how to improve your life, so he is trying to reveal the flaws that hinder us in this. Find your darkest traits and try to balance them so that you do not interfere in anything.


You are, at the very least, an evil impatient and impulsive. The youngest you zodiac sign and occasionally quite well, especially when you need to make a decision. Want it all happens when and how you want and imagine, but if it does not – you sink all ships. Are you a lover of good ideas, but only if they were yours.


With you it is impossible to argue, your stubbornness has no boundaries. You believe that you are able to hide that you’re lazy and you’re a materialist, but it appears the worst of times. For you, it is best to say that you – egotistical.


You do not know how to remain silent. When the worst, you exhibit all their different characters and talk to millions of topics that interest you. Often allow love life to become an obstacle that is holding you back.


Your biggest drawback is petulance. You change the mood of each bit. Even when you want to get out of your comfort zone, you can not. You are very sensitive and it all worse.


You are convinced that the sun revolves around the earth, and the earth around you. Allow vanity to fell and to occupy a central place on the stage. You are able to persuade friends to something that would not otherwise have done.


You are pessimistic perfectionist and therefore do not know how to enjoy the little things that mean life. Friends probably often behind your back saying that you are “drama queen”, but never will not tell you in the face because you are afraid.


You go while saving hours. And while you figure out what to order in a cafe or restaurant pass AM. While come up with anyone you want to take years. Any decision you need to make and easy to balance, but do not realize that life around you continues to flow rapidly.


You imagined avenger. For you, life is an epic fantasy, endless adventure, and you will not stop until you get the justice you deserve. We mourn the martyrs who you happen to get in the way in this campaign.


You are so open that it is more cruel. You say that you are sincere, but the truth is actually just want to find a way out of the situation and being outspoken makes you as the best means.


Control. Control. Control. You are not able to enjoy the moment because you’re already obsessed with how you live next. Use your charm to manipulate the environment in order to reach the goal.


You are convinced that your logic and objectivity use to assess people and situations, but the truth is you really just very prone to unnecessary condemnation.


The oldest star sign, opposite Capricorn, live in the moment, to the extent that they often do not know where your wallet or whatever you called the child. All around you are frustrated because of your qualities and worst of all is that you do not care for their anxiety.