Orgasm astrological sign: Who’s playing and who’s counting stars? Find out what you need to experience the pinnacle …. (ASTRO)

Find out what you need to experience the climax and that the characteristics of your sexual partner should pay attention to you as easily lead to an explosive orgasm.


In the women’s all fast. For them the rule “strike while the iron is hot.” If you just take a step back in the current ecstasy, she loses interest, and that’s the end of sex. Orgasm can be achieved quickly and easily if the partner is not flabby, talkative if not stalling. The highlight of her generally quite noisy, and bad sex completely if removed from partners.

Recommendation for members of Aries is to understand sex as a game for two, not a single race in the 100 meters. Sex should be perceived as something good, even if the other party, at least initially, similar to crawl rather than the hare.


Members of this sign is easily excited, but it does not show. They think: let him alone to see. Partners need to experience it as something special, do not go at first and did not seek adventures. And there’s a problem. They need a long-running, research, and it is necessary and long-term relationship. When you exercise in a serious relationship and orgasm is here. If you are secure in yourself and if not what do not make, but even with it if the partner fit, they will certainly experience a sexual climax.

Orgasm women born under the sign of Taurus is accompanied by twisting of the body and quiet sighs. Having sex are happy and smile show gratitude. If you do not forgive your partner have an orgasm.


Gemini and orgasm? A bit unusual combination, because to achieve orgasm when they during sex prefer to laugh, jump, sometimes even telling jokes. In order to have an orgasm it takes a lot of work, effort, needs to find the right position, they need to calm down.

For women born in the sign of Gemini are not too many orgasms. But to them it does not matter. More important to them is that sexual play pretty imaginative. When you orgasm, sometimes unknowingly dropped a tear.


Easy to members of Cancer orgasm when sex would not be perceived as a duty. And what duty is not always what you want. Too many are dedicated partner to be focused on ourselves. Their physique is almost ideal for an orgasm, have sensitive breasts and everything else, so sometimes I touch enough. However, Račice always intense thinking – can not they just the sex, and while sex lasts, they think, and think …

Fully adapt to the partner, are doing everything they think he likes it or not to do. Among these women, most of those who act out an orgasm. To do that he would be satisfied, and as they’re concerned, they were enough to them he wants. More than that they do not need. Partner forgive all.


Her orgasm is noisy, full of passion, sweat and sighs, so it is advisable to close the windows. If the action takes place in the car, then go somewhere where there are no people. Lavice fully indulge sexual pleasure, endlessly self-confident, they know what they need and what partner needs to work. There is a lot of oral sex, fondling, squeezing.

If you do not have an orgasm, not dissatisfied partner will not mind, maybe it occasionally poke tiny joke. Lionesses, in fact, not sarcastic, I do not think anything bad, just expect the situation will improve later.


They pretend that they are innocent. Live them “as” do not care auzbude to every lascivious thing. Partner must im just whisper those words to bring them to orgasm. For a woman orgasm Virgo needs a strong, somewhat harsh partner, who will lead and who will play is completely subordinate. He must be a leader. Virgo needs a lot of running, but when they do, then it is heated up lokomotiva.Kada sufficiently excited, they try to indicate that their partners do what they know they will bring them to orgasm.

Their orgasm quite intense, sweat and throw back his head, but there is not much noise. Partner difficult to forgive bad sex.


These women are created for orgasm – perceive it easily. With gentle and fragrant, fresh istuširanog partner will enjoy immensely. They have been left to sex. I do not mind them no place or time. The most important thing is that it is about them a lot of fragrance, freshness, outdoors are better than closed. They want to satisfy yourself, but if your partner is not satisfied, it will be sad. Their strong orgasm, writhing and squeezing with partners, emit sighs, honestly all experiencing, almost never acting.

Their way of experiencing orgasm very stimulating and partners, and is the most common scales for women, multiple orgasms. It is important for them to both be satisfied. Partner forgive mistakes easily.


Scorpio wife is a sex machine that grinds partners until you reach orgasm. For her, there are no obstacles, and never thought about them. Jerks, instead, draws partners and not to him to move until it reaches the climax. May experience several orgasms in a row. Easily excited, sex is for her something like food, and the orgasm is the goal of all. If this goal is not achieved, consider the sex and missed.

No outspoken and partner who is not content to say clearly what he meant. When you meet once in her mind is always a potential partner, and who does not, can not forget. She never forgives.


Her sex is a combination of games, acting and exhibitionism. He loves to show naked, but her interest every voyeuristic or exhibitionistic situation. I’ll be excited, a partner must follow its stirrings order is brought to orgasm. Sex is easily permeable, it is necessary to try several ways to find the right one. Partner sends light signals. When it comes to the right poses, begins the real thing. While you do not have an orgasm, she will not allow a change positions.

Orgasm women born under this sign is noisy but sometimes very quiet. If the partner does not meet, they will not blame him, but if not next time you do not get better Will think about the change.


These women very difficult to have an orgasm. Partner with them must be persistent, and only one position through which at least somehow, I can reach orgasm. This compound was back-belly, wherein there its back, and his stomach. It is interesting that women born in Capricorn easily excited, quickly garnered penetration, sex is very easy to indulge, but when you need to reach orgasm, that’s another story. They are very rational, but very early finding that your problem so that your partner does not cause problems. If you suffer, they do so in themselves, they do not speak.

If you have an orgasm, then this is something you can not hide. She writhes, bends his head, stroke her hips, and the partners seemed to forget.


Among women born under the sign of Aquarius all combinations are possible, as all can be impossible. Once excitable, and sometimes not. It can greatly upset touch, because it has sensitive skin. Partner You never know what this woman in mind. However, when with a partner who is ready to a long and gently caressing, may reach sexual climax.

When you have an orgasm, a woman Aquarius is pretty fast recovering quickly dresses and goes on a normal conversation. Therefore, sometimes gives the impression that she is what she is, with all that work done, and it does not matter. This is a wrong conclusion because it is proof that orgasm is one partner says.


Women born under this sign are sensitive and emotional. They love is the most important, but if they feel that their partner loves you and that’s enough for orgasm. The sex is completely indulge, forget about everything, just enjoy. Night and the first dawn are their favorite time for sex. Nice them by the sea, but if you have confidence in their partners then every situation is favorable for sex.

Trust is very important to them, they want to be led, they want rougher sex with a few words and a lot of kissing. Orgasm their full buckling, throw back his head, twitch, but do not emit too much noise. They are very happy after orgasm and could take hours to cuddle.