Other astrological field-money, values, talents, confidence …..

Astrological field: Other

Element and Meaning: Country – convenience, resources, management, peace, goals, perseverance, career, effectiveness, results, materialism

The quality and meaning: Sledujuća – individual desire and need for control, security

The modern meaning of the fields: money, values, talents, confidence

The traditional meaning of fields: health, prosperity, jewelry, finance, right eye, vision, memory, food, mouth, tongue, nose, nails

Esoteric meaning of fields: prana, spiritual values, the expression of the soul, the spiritual gains and losses

Numerological meaning of the fields: acceptance, forgiveness, stability, simplicity, feminine principle, diplomacy, modesty, care, mediation

Natural Sign: Taurus

Ruler of the planet Jupiter

Planet rejoices in this field: /