OUTSIDE like an iceberg, but in fact sensitive and possessive like in this sign conquer every man!

You are standing firmly on the ground, and like everything is steady and tangible. Dreaming is not for you – your sense zapraktičnost is stronger than the desire to escape from reality. I do not believe the sweet promises all sorts of illusions and fantasies.

Taurus never forgets

You’re a good and faithful friend, but you are looking for and loyalty from the opposite side. What if someone betrays you? Then you can react violently because they slow your reactions and less visible, but so infinitely deep. If you’re convinced that someone acted badly towards you, or hurt your benevolence, that he will never forgive me. Many of you hold grudges.

You did not approve of the change and upheaval, it was not anything that could upset the your life or – worse! – endanger your comfort. Stick to your principles, so stubbornly that it borders on prejudice. Therefore, it often ignores the people’s advice and warnings. Stubbornly continue along your own, even when all speak in favor of the opposing theories. For you it does not matter!

Your preference for comfort sometimes turns into passivity and laziness. Do you like that! You do not like too much hassle, nor idle bustle and confused articles. This is not your style.

Taurus woman in love

Love plays a big role in your life. For you it is not synonymous with passion, storm, dismantling or romanticism, većnežnosti and enjoyment. How do you support the established forms and everything that relates to material reality, you guys is primarily attracted by his physical appearance. What is behind its exterior – be discovering later.

When you meet a person that you like and you will conquer, though, and you want to feel invided. The period of observation and evaluation at your long runs (sometimes too). This is not surprising, because decisions are taken after long and mature reflection – even those related to love.

Although it looks like a cold person, basically you are very sensitive. Do not cling easily. Love in your heart slowly maturing, and will depend on the tenderness and warmth that feeling (or not feeling) by the partners.

Although reluctant to show emotion in public, you are very exclusive and jealous – and even possessive! Do not tolerate the presence of other women, was a colleague even if your partner. In this struggle are very skilled: isplešćete network around the beloved man and squeeze out all the other women in his life.

And if he does deceive you? You’ll come back strongly, as only you know it!