OVAN- may recognize them by walking …

1. The research results indicate that small Rams are leading a group of children who do not give up on the set cilja.Cak if you give them the task of whom are not up and at the same time expressing doubts about the success will not rest until it’s tassels and show you the opposite.

2. Studies show that the main reasons why the Rams will disconnect: partner’s indifference, lack of predictability of behavior and barbecue. These features will love to experience Rams like a cold shower.

3. The reasons that brought about the dissolution of marriage, the Rams often referred to constantly check, outbursts of jealousy and digging pockets by their partners.

4. The Rams are most impatient drivers. Data of the British and the German National Association of driver testify that members of this sign of water in the number of car accidents caused by overtaking and disregard red lights.

5. You may recognize them on the fly … Members of this sign have natposecno upright posture, a firm and decisive step. Even though gout kitty trying not to walk hunched over, a zajvaljujuci regular walking, are lively and active into old age. They visit the doctor less often than members of other signs of the zodiac. Grip and high temperatures are their worst enemies, and will-power and defiance best allies in the fight against the disease.