OVI zodiac signs literally “fall apart” when they reach the soul mate

Nobody wants that relationship, in which they have invested so much emotion, time and effort – resulting in failure. However, stars like that in terms of long-term relationships and marriage to prefer some characters in relation to others, who often have to build your life – again. Discover that you have and you are in this group …


Always in fifth gear, Bulls throughout his life have the opportunity to meet very interesting people in various places. Happy and a little noisy, but always very interesting members of this earth sign very easy to attract attention before marriage have many connections. So i fail to sufficiently crystallized in my head next to what people want to spend their lives. For a spouse tend to pick the person with whom they were not too long in relation to the move and decide to relying more on intuition than on rational thinking.

Bulls are compassionate and generous so that the loved one do in the world. However, if it is too early to show the other side, it will be this party is very much to be able to use and pretend that what is not to Bika stated that before the marriage. And as soon as you pass some time after the wedding, double companion shows his true face.

Even when married to a very tolerant person, Taurus will continue to want to move in a thousand places and will often ducked home and family life.

If the person with whom he has been married to show that it’s not necessary to function smoothly, be put into operation vanity and begin to keep on believing, which can lead to great disharmony. When you realize that the marriage was on its last legs, will do everything in his power to get things corrected. However, when he realized that for that person any more does not bind, go without thinking, because very true to himself and does not allow anyone to trample.


Members of this earth sign undoubtedly like to be the center of attention, and that they easily succeed because they are extremely intelligent, charming and very witty. Rado were seen in every society, but a person of the opposite sex more often perceived as a friendly figure than as a material for the bond, which is the most common reason they did not have too much relationship before the marriage.

Of course, there are those that Virgo institutions, wherever they occur, or to have more adventures than a serious relationship. When you meet the person you really want to bind, the right to have some disadvantages on the other hand does not see it and considered it will work over time to reshape the partners as they wish.

They do this because the nature of the Virgin that above all they want unity. Loneliness them incredibly afraid and they most often the main motivation for marriage. After a period when the maximum effort to meet the other side, the surface will emerge all the disadvantages partners who have closed their eyes and it will start them indescribably mind and choke. In addition, the analysis will focus on each procedure spouse because Device or by nature prone to all occurrences in their lives parsing to the smallest detail.

Even if you are married to someone who can not and will not remain silent about this behavior, that’s the big reason for the emotional turmoil because Virgo believes that it is always right and that all she knows best.

When the marriage relationship is not right all just right, it is often prone to extramarital affairs, or will more or less be able to mask the others before their trips and their marriage present extremely stable.

What is interesting, however her dysfunctional marriage does not fit, Virgo will never be the initiator to the story puts the point.

The main move pulls the other side because it is a lot of discussion, pettiness and recriminations Device for anything and everything. When it becomes free again, Virgo does not waste time and quickly finds a new partner, because, again, she does not want to work alone. Although at first glance this new connection is actually an adventure, it will of it try to make a serious story, and as soon as once again sail into marriage.


The main advantages of this air sign they are able to each district of his story, interwoven with humor and they give the impression of an extremely calm and rational person, so it is not difficult to seduce the one you want.

They are not immune to transient connections, but prefer one long and usually the spouse choose the person with whom they spent a lot of time. However, sometimes it turns out that the time spent with another person in connection is not a guarantee for a long and stable marriage.

Scales are often somewhere between heaven and earth, between their own desires and possibilities and although aware that they may be better, they enter into a marriage with a person by their intellectual and other abilities enough suits. It is their nature to be indecisive and constantly thinking whether something could be done better, what can the other side of indescribable that gets on my nerves.

Even if the partner does not want to listen and understand, Libra becomes extremely erratic and makes a poppy on a thread, so tumultuous but short quarrel part of her married life. When you definitely realize that his marriage is not going as intended, a member of this sign will try possibly the solution of this problem to delay until further notice, but by then most of the time spend in an activity with friends or in an attempt to get to know another person by really understand.

Even to this, the connection will be more platonic. When he realizes that in addition to one person, and wants to be next to each other – mostly do not take anything concrete than the time allowed to show what’s best for her.

If they try to take matters into their own hands, making scales never definitive – what was determined overnight, the next day will consist of her as a totally stupid idea!

From the marriage comes mainly thanks to an agreement with a partner who is aware that emotions are gone, so we’ll all go our way.

Libra needs time to get over it, but she never stops believing in true love and is able to be connected to as many people as you need in order to eventually find a real place and it remained – until the end of life.