Palmistry: Line of love in the palm of your hand says it all about your emotional life-for right to read lines with right palm, a left-handed – the left …..

Here’s a short course of reading the lines of love: this line is easy to find – extends horizontally in the upper part of the palm to the first horizontal line below the fingers. For right-handers can read lines with right palm, a left-handed – from the left.

The line has an upward trajectory until the index finger and then the curls
This person does his best. Her partner may feel safe because if its a person completely adore your heart, be faithful to him and fulfill his every desire. The bad is that these people are often going to be exploited.

The line runs diagonally and ends under the middle finger
Very sensitive person who will speak openly about feelings. She will not be a problem to his love, but will her honesty and sometimes a bother. When you love something goes wrong, these people are becoming desperate.

The line has a slight upward trajectory and ends below the index finger
Romantic person. It is very cautious and careful when it comes to love, because loving person leaves completely. They are very important to them evidence of love and so will the ones related lavish tenderness, gifts and most varied details.

The line is not rising, short and ends approximately at the center of the palm
Independent people. They need freedom. To their partner often wrongly interpreted as a tendency towards infidelity, but these people just do not want to give up their usual team, hobbies and other things just because they are related.

The line is very long, and from the middle finger has a downward trajectory
Modest person. It is important for them to know everything about other people’s feelings, but are reluctant to talk about their own, because they are afraid that they do not disappoint. Anyone who wants to win such a person will have to invest a lot of effort and time, as they definitely will not make the first move.