Palmistry: Make a fist and see what your destiny-to know better yourself and others!

In addition to being inserted palmistry reading and interpretation of the palm lines, many did not know that the whole shape of her hands and reveals our affinities, aspirations and preferences. Get to know better yourself and others in a fun way.

When you close a fist, one of the knuckles will be more prominent than the other, and based on that, find out what that means.

If your wrist forefinger pointed out to talk about very aware of your reputation. It’s a very important what others think of you and you are sensitive to criticism. You have emphasized the narcissistic trait of character.

Wrist middle finger expressed means that prefer family life, drawn from the public. You try to live in the shadows and do not like to be exposed.

Wrist ring finger, if you dominate, indicating that small things make you happy. You are adventurous and material values ​​you are not of primary importance. Vote constant innovation in life.

If the ball joint of the little finger is exposed to, certainly, means that your money is primarnan factor in life. You can prove and emotions through material things.

Now watch wrist, snaking lines that you say, too, about some of the details:

The bracelet can be double or triple. Clear lines indicate that you live a happy and comfortable life. If you have three clear and precise lines you are lucky and the darling of life. However, if the line is in the form of a garland, intertwined, so that life is made up of obstacles and that person has to work hard to achieve goals.