Palmistry: Shape your character discovers a palm-reading ability of future events and the character of the individual

Palmistry is older than Plato’s philosophy, assumptions that are created when and astrology. It represents the ability to read future events and the character of the individual. The shape of your palm is an important factor in this form of divination.

The square shape of the hand

These people are mostly without imagination and have a logical and practical approach to things. Feet are firmly on the ground. Such forms are the most common methodological characteristics and a person predisposed to be good engineers, professors, lawyers. Usually lead a peaceful and quiet life.

oval palm
They have people who are very ambitious and the ability to perfect their ideas into practice. Indivialisti by nature and a good disposition to work in journalism or be inventors.

These are very vulnerable people, in favor of spiritual development.

A long palm
People with long palm are extremely emotional and pessimistic. On the other hand, they are extremely creative and usually have some kind of talent for art. Resort bohemian lifestyle and tend wedding experiences.

Square palm with long fingers
These people have a very sharp mind. Features are that they are very quick thinking. Gestures is expressed. Thinking is analytical. These are born psychologists or sociologists. It’s hard to emotionally closer.