Partner does RETAIL Rudeness: These signs horoscope enjoying sadomasochistic games!

Each zodiac sign different experiences rougher sex and enjoy it fully only if the pain turns into an orgasm.

These signs sign will be happy to reach for the whips and handcuffs when it comes to sex.


Girls born in this zodiac sign excites dynamic and competition, both outside and within the bed. When they engage in sex with a partner becomes dosadnjikavo, will do the strangest things in order to “spice up”. For them, sex is an ideal way to connect with the opposite sex, and they never will be stupid to talk about hidden fantasies and new things that they want to try. They like to have the main, but will never accept the role potčinjenice. She’s the one in the bed has the last word.


How Device spend most of their lives alone taking care of yourself, and sometimes on others it is logical to assume initiative when it comes to sex. Although it is mainly to try new things, do not try to perform them without its prior confirmation. Just like Aries, Taurus hates when it is not the one who controls the situation. Always, however, you can surprise a love bite, spanking or sex toys from the shop, and when you earn her trust, will let you all.


Sex with a Scorpio is like walking on a cliff. You never know what to expect. It used to be delicate and fine, and the next moment you will not be able to recognize. For them, the passion of a lot more important than love, but because sex sees an opportunity to experience pleasure, not a deepening connection. With Scorpio never try something already seen or usual. She will never make fun of her because of a desire to fulfill your fantasy, but it’s the best thing in the world, you agree?


When you want members of this sign can be very sharp and ‘dirty’ during sex. Maybe they will not always like everything, but they’ll want to try everything at least once. It excites them when they are in bed completely different than outside it, and the role-playing game built for them. Curiosity is their main feature, but if you have never tried it rough sex, im sure this is a priority on the wish list. And they will be like at the first wearing handcuffs, we’re sure of.


In whatever to engage, it will work with a touch of seriousness, it is understandable that they games in bed roughness and requiring these to attract. You might have thought that such a disciplined and withdrawn person may be interested in experimenting with sex, but Capricorns are full of surprises. When they get foreplay they deserve, dosing roughness until completely relax is a logical move if you want them to derive maximum potential. Dirty talk is their favorite, but as long as you have What is interesting ideas in mind, feel free to share them with this sign.


Aquarius the water rich and very rough sex. From a light spanking can make a real BDSM party so be careful if you are not ready for this kind of game. Sex for them is synonymous with rudeness, and if you know an Aquarius you understand that it is their love for pain not reviewed nor tried to stop. How to find that connection with your partner can be achieved without the romance, will keep the things they love most.