People Angels have bodies is the same as all of us ….. They have strengths and weaknesses ….. They have their own lives. ….

If you’ve ever wondered whether we are on our own on this planet, the answer is: Of course not! In addition to our personal guardian angel, archangels and other beings of light, there are earthly angels. These are people with a mission in life to help other people in an unusual way.

Often, in early youth they are misunderstood by the environment, and are marked with various labels as “different,” “too emotional” and “shiftless life.” Indeed, the specific way in which they go, until they develop fully for the role they play in our big theater called Earth.

People Angels have the same body as we all do. They have strengths and weaknesses. They have their own lives. Own successes and downs. Their wounds and feelings. Own struggles and review.

What makes us different from others is the great love of people that can not be hidden. In them you can recognize when you look in their eyes. Their view is a view that accepts that understands what lies behind your back hidden from other people. Because of this, do not be surprised when our Earth Angels will not have the patience for all your drama created by the ego. They will not support you in anything that is not good for you, as long as you know how to sound harsh. With the ages, the truth is always in the foreground.

When I can not help you, not because you do not want or assessments that you “lost case”, make sure you yourself do not want to help. Therefore, they should never interfere with your free choice of living a life in their own way, no matter how teksoban for you. But why would you wait broad hand whenever you are ready to return to themselves.

As much as I want to change the world and help everyone very aware that this is an excessive burden for the soul that has only one physical body. But you know, in the silence of the night when everyone is asleep, awake to remain in order to pray for those who will never meet but who share the current reality. People Angels do not know the division in which most people believe, they instinctively feel that we are all one.

With the ages are sure that there is Raj. Makar in you for a few moments. Life suddenly minds of blacks to move to light gray with a hint of pink. And if you really want to help yourself, they will guide you to see and experience all the other shades of color. Will reveal worlds within you, which you are not even aware that there are always here. With Nijima always feel larger and fuller in terms of the soul, you qadr of permanent sit-ins with their own mind.

Suddenly, you begin to realize that you are not obliged to listen to this fellow in his head that was with you since you off. Some of his stories start making “fake” and I suspect that he is not always on your side. Then you begin to know itself through feelings. Slowly over time you learn that they do not lie, that your body does not know that sludge and hides the truth, as you do from other people sometimes.

Involvement of feeling in their own navigation, largely move to change your life and learn how to mind an old pal you have a whole new attitude. Always listen to him or ask feeling that their word is final judgment. Learn mind to work for you, to work with you rather than forcing on their own lessons programs, which have gone out of fashion your life long. You start improving your brain with new hardware versions that you used to boljii way. Then life begins to be in all colors of the rainbow.

So, blessed are those who know people Angels. A Blessing even those who recognize them as friends, guides and teachers.