Perfect relaxation after the zodiac …. What the stars say ?! (ASTRO)

Aries is relaxes with the best cooking.

Aries wants to be the center of attention. For him, it is best to enroll in a course design or cooking on which to learn to preparing the finest delicatessen and so impress your friends. It will also be fun, but also relax. In addition Aries should collect quality wines to taste with friends.

Taurus is fun to regulate the garden.

Taurus enjoys most editing your patio or garden of his friends. He loves to work in nature and with plants, so this is an ideal activity for him. Quiet family dinner that Taurus preparation for their loved ones also will relax, because on most of all enjoy the food and good wine.

The twins want to adventure at an amusement park.

For the Twin Towers is the ideal fun one that includes speed, adventure and adrenaline. Amusement park or a day at the swimming pools with slides crazy it is a real fun. Besides going to the theater or to survey the film will delight and great fun, especially if there is a good company.

Cancer is fun gossiping with friends.

Cancer likes to observe people. He likes to spend time in cafes, malls and beaches. Wherever men gossip to the passersby, especially when it is done in good company. Cancer is most important to have a good circle of friends with whom he can share everything, and as soon as it reached for him is fun because it guaranteed him enough.

Day without obligation Leo’s biggest party.

Leo need to make all in grand style. He likes to lie in the sun and do not want to get too burdened with work and other problems. For him, every day without obligation funniest day because it will make maximum use of your liking. The lions are great adventurers who love challenges like hiking.

Virgo likes to use free time wisely.

Virgin is not attracted to the theater or concerts, she wants their free time used for other purposes, such as charity work. Rado will be developed by jewelry or dance, and know that his hobby turned into profit. It is ideally used for her time and play.

Libra is often hesitant.

Libra is indecisive character. At one point he wants to be the big party full of people, but in a different wants romantic walk in nature. This sign is difficult to decide on the ideal form of entertainment. But there will always enjoy a movie night with your friends.

For Scorpio the game all you have to do with mysteries.

Scorpio is always secretive and somewhat odd. He will always delight of things that have to do with history and are somewhat mysterious like him. Scorpio Fun for the rental of a good sci-fi or horror movie in good company. Besides good dinner with excellent wine is also great fun for Scorpio.

Event and exhibition of avant-garde are all you need Sagittarius.

Sagittarius often has a strange idea that his friends are not always accepted with enthusiasm. Going to an exhibition of avant-garde artists and alternative music concert for him is the pinnacle of entertainment. But the Taurus is a big sports fan, so to go to a basketball or handball match for him also be an excellent choice.

Adrenaline experiences with people close to ideal for Capricorn.

Capricorn likes to feel special, and therefore does not want to attend the big parties, but rather hang out with friends in a small town. Capricorn likes to prepare a good dinner for your friends, but also to go on an adventurous canoeing on the wild river.

Aquarius is the game good company.

Aquarius likes to hang out. As soon as the company, he is having fun. He likes to talk about himself and his plans for the future. Aquarius also knows well and to listen to their friends so happy to spare a little helpful advice. His sense of humor will delight all, and said his company will be plenty of entertainment.

Pisces is plenty more to enjoy.

Fish are constantly wanting to socialize. They will all their belongings happy to share with others so that their circle of friends very large. They love to eat seafood, excursions that include a boat cruise, lying on the beach and the study of history that’s very interested.