PET strange things about each zodiac sign You Did not Know

There are several “strange things” for each zodiac sign, read, and tell us whether you apply this!


1) When the violation of Aries, it will not again speak with you or will you leave immediately.

2) Aries is crazy humor especially next best friend.

3) all Aries gets bored and wants constant surprises.

4) Aries is always right. But still! Does not accept objections.

5) The perfect woman Aries is a mixture of teachers and porn stars.


1) Taurus makes his own little world away from all. I often feel that no one understands.

2) If the angry bull, we recommend that you leave the ship to go.

3) Taurus visit entertaining people. If you like drama, you’d better stay away from him.

4) While the Taurus is described as the most “wild” character, he does not attempt to solve the conflict by force.

5) Taurus will sometimes tell you that he does not care about you, but deep down it is not so.


1) The twins are never late, mostly still others come earlier.

2) If you think that twins speak much, the reality is that they are very timid signs.

3) The twins can be faithful in relationships and friendships, but when it hurts do not give a second chance.

4) The twins are full of humor. Very! To the extent that annoying how witty.

5) Twin Towers is easily upset.


1) Cancer is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac.

2) Crab is not easy to open, and when you open you will always be engraved in their hearts.

3) The crabs also love their mother. Much!

4) Crabs often goes through phases of “depression” for no reason.

5) Crabs are loyal to family and friends.


1) A lion can be a moment of love, and the other wants to burn the house unnecessarily.

2) Lav usually does what he likes, whenever it likes.

3) The lion will do everything to be happy.

4) Do not try to argue with a lion. You will not win.

5) Leo loves himself. Do not expect to love you more.


1) Virgin analyze things too. To find the problem is able to analyze a text of 5,000 words.

2) Device never at rest. Even when they sleep, they plan the next day.

3) Virgo wants to be always in love, but on the other hand always live in fear that you will not find someone that really loves.

4) If you are angry with Virgo will say it.

5) is the truest sign of Virgo.


1) Scale prefer going for all or nothing.

2) The scale can win the struggle without a quarrel.

3) Sometimes Libra wants to remain completely alone, but sometimes it needs a huge number of friends.

4) The scale will help instill faith, because I always know to tell you how she feels about you.

5) There will even talk to you just to convince you that you do not have to wash the dishes.


1) When Scorpio falls, falls in love really.

2) You must be very happy to be in love with Scorpio.

3) The women of Scorpio are very sensitive to their feelings.

4) Scorpio hate many questions.

5) of Scorpio are very shy with people who do not know, but very open with their friends.


1) Aries knows how to have fun but knows when to put limits.

2) The shooter may change plans at the last moment.

3) Pisces is the eternal child, but it is easy to be serious when it comes to difficult issues.

4) The shooter is almost always in a good mood and be able to forgive.

5) You never know what you really think Sagittarius, unless it wants to help himself.


1) Capricorn likes to have a few good friends despite many false.

2) Capricorn not easy does not forgive.

3) Capricorn does not give up easily. He has the power to help you in everything.

4) Capricorn is crazy about work and sacrifice everything. Relationship? What is this?

5) Capricorn is loyal to the family.


1) Aquarius can help you in your problems.

2) Aquarius easily into the relationship.

3) When Vodlija fall in love, it has emotion 15,000 ppm.

4) Taurus is a very dynamic character.

5) Aquarians do not like insecure people.

A fish

1) Fish easy to make friends, but I keep next to them have very few people.

2) If the injury to the fish, it will immediately “get nails”.

3) Fish well kept secrets of others.

4) When fish sense that something is wrong with them, they removed all the evidence to the contrary.

5) Fish give everything without expecting reciprocation.