Phases of Mars and the impact on the psyche-Power loss, lack of goals, just to get a job!

The influence of the planets on people:

This was quite a tense first half of the year for us, at one time we had a retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, some of which will only be a retrograde Saturn.

This set of circumstances in the sky caused a very big conflict between people, most were targeted partnerships, but not in terms of people’s differences, but a review of attitudes that could lead to termination. Many reflections, uncertainty, problems at work, difficult situations in life, which is caused by Saturn, and of which the adjustment or review and modify the objectives, what is the role of Mars.

With Mercury retrograde we bring good decisions or they were based on false impressions, Jupiter is again brought big problems in finance …

The others we had only Mars and Saturn, natural malefic for its astrological character.

Phases of Mars and the impact on the psyche

Mars has gone through several stages:

1. Aries retrograde

Loss of power, lack of goals, just to get a job, motivated actions, anger directed towards you, dissatisfaction, reflection, excessive worry or excessive enjoyment of vices, mental restlessness, anxiety, lack of energy, chronic fatigue are the consequences of this position.

However, this period bears and great awareness, as a man with much more reason video to your pain and your problems may not be able to control them and directs them how he wants that corresponds to the sign of Scorpio, but it certainly has made more aware of access problems. Many people have asked for help with their problems, many have turned to alternative ways of healing, meditation and the like.

2. Taurus retrograde

The conclusions that have been reached in the previous period have helped to define the intentions and actions that lead to the goal. Determine the boundaries within which we can move. We are still not satisfied with the situation, but we are much stronger than in the previous period. The energy is still not manifest, because we accumulate for the next period. In the previous period we are needlessly wasting energy, we now know how to direct and what, but we are still not courageous to implement the ideas in the works. Perhaps we worked up the courage, but we have people to work with.

3.Škorpija directly

Mars returns to its headquarters and its sign, the energy is directly after the ending, eliminate unnecessary consumption of life, we are clearer in their demands to the environment, do not tolerate things that we can not eat them, as well as colleagues, partners, friends. Again we will be aware of yourself and your desires. We will have the need to establish a new order, because our previous longer serves. Many will change, many will go, many will remain, but it is necessary to see where you are in relation to other people.

Jobs will be easier to enter and zaršavati, there will be problems with excuses at the last minute, denying, unannounced departures, delays of money and the like. Period before you make the move. Now every reflection can further make things more difficult. While in the past served far longer serves and what is more, the right only problem.

4. Sagittarius directly

This period represents the end of the cycle, and it will return to whatever it was and what you did. This is the summary period. The last chapter of the book, some of them may happen to travel, change of residence. Those who remain will enjoy the fact that they have done to themselves and others. No more guilt. There is awareness of the responsibilities and relieved that everything went well.

This is a reflection of the role of the concluding what has been done, where we were and what we were and ultimately whether we are satisfied with that. Here you will enjoy Mars, more than in the previous period. But he will be here in contact with retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, touch two malefic is not exactly the most optimistic situation, may Mars bring the conflict, rage, again quarrel, fight, now direct, for his ideals, for their freedom, rises up against the law, against torture and pressure.

Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius will be the fixed star Antares, which is the nature of Mars and Jupiter, and brings great glory because Jupiter and Mars for much starvation. This period shall pay special attention to people who have a similar position in the natal chart, especially to see the aspects and dispositor.

In a spiritual sense, losers until then constructed ego and spirit will get a new form and content, and thus it is the glory of the soul that has gone through a transformation of Scorpio and now continues its path of development.

5. Capricorn

Mars enters the sign of its exaltation and becomes a warrior, authority and focuses on ambition, specializations of their abilities and learn new skills. This is Mars in a suit, a serious, consistent, strong, energetic, educated, willing to learn, to develop, make tough but correct decision.

We accept responsibility, we do not go head through the wall, realizing the objectives slow but accurate, precise and organized, vitality, mind and senses are no longer threatened. When Mars is in its exaltation, Saturn will be his dispositor, and he is still in Sagittarius, which will certainly give certain losses and difficult times of the past, or not at all burdensome to how they were in the past.

Soon we finish the circle of transformation in which we will return to the beginning of the story, but completely altered and free. We will respect the laws of nature, not because we must, but because we understand them.

Although it seems that the things we can not change that limit us, true freedom comes when we learn to live within these limits. Then we understand that freedom has nothing to do with external circumstances, how much internal peace. Freedom comes from the fact that you become aware of the body’s breathing and head which produces thoughts. Everything else depends on you.