Pisces / Virgo characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Ascendant “Virgo” is a certain contradiction with your Libra. The rights Libra loves life, pleasures that it offers, and without many obligations, while the Virgo always worried over their existence. Because podznaka Device, can be said to be getting along quite well in life, without much noise and not like someone who asks a lot.

– sexiness, patience, measures, sympathy, self-control, methodical, balance, harmony, wishes for the opening and closing supple – these are all features of your psychological combinations Virgo – Virgo. But the contradiction between these two characters is evident in all areas of your life. It caused you to inner life is wrapped in a protective cover, so you control your impulses and assures a good foundation before any action is to accept.

Also, it can be seen, and disruption between optimism and pessimism, idealism and realism, between sensitivity and excessive criticism. Therefore, you can be pretty complicated in their everyday dealings with others, which will, of course, often encounter a lack of understanding of the environment. Your Ascendant gives you discretion, your charm works only on second glance, sometimes too conformist, you still take care of what others will say (although it might not show), and this fear can inhibit your natural creativity. Not too voluntarist, and not vice versa, you love above all efficiency. Knowing that avoid the anxiety of tomorrow, you will develop your own taste for comfort and security they long for, because they are, you as a person are necessary.

Utopia rarely tempt your pretty reasonable, nature, gripped stability and understanding – but crazy dreams you attract and fear at the same time. Sometimes they themselves change, but it is hard to solve their habits and prefer to control the flow of your life. Secretly ambitious, your nature often fails to satisfy their appetites, blockades prevented that in itself creates. It is certain, however, that this is a mild nature, full of understanding, so that remains a human and open to the extent necessary to make the best manifested itself …

While leaning toward the eccentric lifestyle, luck for you, it seems, is hiding in simple things. If you want to find, try not to succumb to the temptation of self-centeredness, that you occasionally surgery. What we do want, what you deem right and beneficial for you as it is the only measure of value, and expect that others conform to this criterion. Therefore, you should be advised to honestly examine yourself and at the same time be as objective as possible.

This review should – assuming it to be deprived of the impact of your suggestions – that results in something than what you weigh so much and you do not always achieve: no crisis atmosphere (or at least rare crisis) in private life. You must also accept that assessment that you are able to be so uncritical toward their ideas, to your eyes, no one can find grace who does not share your beliefs. Try our ideals into line with reality, and to strive to only those goals that will not bring in spiritual isolation …