Planets in other areas of your partner sign-Comparative horoscopes – Sinastrija

In the Sun in partner’s horoscope
-is an indication of enthusiasm, strong emotions, but does not necessarily indicate the relationship that will not last long.

Month in the IV field partner’s horoscope
-is a great combination to start a family, even though it may seem that this pair has a strong passion, it will manifest itself, a relationship strengthened by obtaining child.

Mercury III field partner’s horoscope
designation of great intellectual exchange that without a doubt is the mainstay of this relationship.

In contrast to the position of Mercury in the seventh field here is no possibility of a lack of passion, but it is possible that the partners primarily intrigued intelligence and mental games.

Venus in II field partnertovog sign
-najčešće provides a very stable, peaceful and prosperous marriage.

At the moment when these two people together, prosperity is achieved in all directions, even if they are as individuals have had financial problems in a marriage would be overcome.

Mars in the eighth field partner’s horoscope
It could be a “double-edged sword” because everything is hidden in us, that somehow we keep as a secret, is now being revealed. Partner us to initiate profound changes, and deal with the pain. However, this aspect at the same time brings mutual stimulation of the strength and the energy to get partners in this relationship, is sufficient for the solution of many obstacles.