Planning a trip for the holidays? These are ideal destinations for each zodiac sign

Towards the New Year and Christmas, many of us are planning the perfect festive evening. Some would like to spend their free time with their families with holiday dinner, decorated Christmas tree or fireplace, while most see themselves on a shorter holiday trips.

It is always exciting to pack a suitcase, anticipation for crossing the border and coming to some foreign hotels which also prevails festive atmosphere.

We bring you the recommendation of the ideal destinations for each zodiac sign, in order to help you make the right decision.


You are full of energy, so you need these days of adventure and a lot of adrenaline. An excellent choice would be the way to Argentina, Australia or New Zealand. Dubai is always a good choice, but we should not ignore South Africa or Peru.


Always calm, you’ll enjoy the places that are known for their culinary magic, art, theater and architecture. Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Florence and Prague will surely satiate your appetite čulstvene.


Your extraversion will do that in the days of the holiday look cheerful and joyful. Night glitter metropolis that is guaranteed a good time will help to take a good mood during the holiday season. The ideal destination for you are in San Francisco, London, New York or Hong Kong.


People born under this sign will feel “at home” wherever they have the opportunity to taste good food. Also, the pleasure will provide you with the parts of the world which are famous for beautiful sandy beaches, rivers and waterfalls. Rome, Greek islands, the Maldives and Thailand are the perfect destination for your holiday trip.


Lions want glamor and cities that radiate with their aesthetics and architecture. Paris, New York, or Milan and Capri, to the place where you feel like a star. If you love shopping and inspire you so use your time, Lion is an ideal destination.


You love to plan! You always have the habit to collect all possible information about the possible location for your vacation. Therefore, you are attractive cities rich in history and rich cultural legacy. Egypt, Greece, Madrid, Berlin and Rome are ideal for you. Device want an active vacation, are hungry for knowledge and new information.


Charming Libra loves crowds and events, and will be carried out wherever there is a nice dynamic social interactions. Romantic and balanced, you will be filled with hearts in a picturesque area of ​​France, Itallije, Spain or Turkey.


Conditions have been created for passionate love affairs, shrouded in a veil of secrecy. Exotic climate of Cuba and Egypt, but also monumental buildings in Rome and Athens, are the right choice for you. Deep down, scorpions are romantics would Paris and Venice were the ideal backup option.


Synonymous with you for travel and adventure. You are attracted by the city that combine education and adrenalin. The ideal place for you as Spain, Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa as well as Prague and Budapest … maybe Kenya.


Capricorns love challenges and are well prepared for them. Long do you plan your trip a zaovoljstvo and comfort are your eternal dream. Ideal locations for you are: Thailand, Fiji, Switzerland, Australia and Germany. There will be plenty of time for relaxation and enjoyment.


Independent and unconventional wants to escape from the attractive destinations, away from tourists and large crowds. Your heart yearns for and unexplored Honestly, you can find it in Cambodia, Iceland, Sweden, Cuba and Russia.


Beautiful and romantic fish attracted to the magic city of fairy tales and the sweetest of dreams. Venice, Paris, Monaco, Copenhagen, Japan and Morocco will satisfy your need for love and beauty.