PLANNING Marry? Members of this zodiac sign are the best husbands!

The position of the planets and zodiac sign can very much affect our character. So the astrologers were able to isolate one character for whose members it is best to marry!

By all accounts, the Taurus was the best husband you can imagine. He is gentle, faithful and compassionate. Will not neglect your home and family for other interests. Bulls are not dreaming, you will not promise the impossible, but will do their best to brighten your life. Will try to make your home cozy and warm corner, and that you feel his gentleness, thoughtfulness and love.

He is gritty, tenacious and when he wants something – on this and realize the gain. More patient than all other zodiac signs. The dispute is so thoughtful and never give up on goal – not even from loved ones. Taurus is difficult to move, but once you have decided, then go all the way. He’s persistent, stable and rational, and on it you can always rely on.

Although it is an important success and wants to succeed, it is not his only goal is to be at the top when it comes to career – he wants to enjoy life, build a home, a family and to leave something behind. Although well-controlled feelings for you they will always be happy to show them off.

He’s so passionate, cuddly, but a real man. It is a great seducer, marriage or change it, and then the Taurus becomes very faithful. He wants to place itself nice and pretty woman he loves will, to provide her with the best living conditions, emotional security, putaovanja, fun, all you can … Once married, Taurus is difficult divorce.