PLEASURE TO BE PERFECT: Astrologers advise what to serving partner for New Year’s Eve!

In the New Year’s Eve prepare dishes according to his horokopskim sign.

Sick of you The Hosting organized in clubs and restaurants, but does not freeze you in the center of the show, so you decided to celebrate the New Year in an intimate atmosphere with your loved one. However, before you find the dilemma, what to save your partner for dinner on New Year’s Eve? How to get the best impression?

Food and astrology go hand in hand, so you his zodiac sign reveals what should be serving him.


Rams love spicy food! Choose a dish that is spicy and unusual, because the members of this sign is not afraid to combine different tastes. They are always willing to try new foods, but their favorite is the one that is topped with chili sauce.

The idea for the dish: Gourmets like this sign will not resist the spicy chicken stew.


They are true gourmets, they like everything to try and enjoy new tastes. However, whatever he served as an appetizer and main course, Taurus will be the most important thing is what comes at the end. None zodiac sign is not so much a fan of sweets and cakes such as the Taurus.

The idea for the dish: His greatest weakness is chocolate, so he mus Serve with roasted hazelnuts.


As much as Bulls enjoy sweets, Gemini can not resist salty dishes. For them, the main thing on the appetizer table. Members of this sign like food that is served in a snack.

The idea for the dish: Serve skewers of meat products and vegetables, ensuring that each is different.


Most emotional sign of the zodiac respects tradition. Crabs worship cooked meals that are stored for a long time. The reason is logical and simple – the more you take the time to prepare meals, that it will be clearly given to understand that you like and you’re bothered about him.

The idea for the course: To make your cancer was happy New Year’s Eve save him Stuffed fillet of beef with pork neck.


Leo is the main carnivore in the world of the zodiac. Whatever meat you prepare it, will be very much satisfied. Pay attention to how the table will look. What matters to him is that the food is delicious, but also beautifully served.

The idea for the dish: If his serve veal medallions in mushroom sauce will leave you speechless.


Fragile and delicate Device enjoy salads. The restaurants usually ordered meals that are rich in vegetables (and fruit), but if you have to touch the meat, preferably then ordered chicken.

The idea for the dish: cheer up your Virgin baked zucchini with pork neck.


Most moderate of all the signs of the zodiac, Libra easily enjoy every meal. Will try every specialty of serving him, even took one bite. Although generally indecisive Libra person, as far as the food does not tolerate compromise. Festive table should include all meals from appetizers to desserts, so make sure to comply.


Scorpions are most passionate. As much as this zodiac sign enjoys in bed and love, so enjoy the meals, especially if they contain aphrodisiacs.

The idea for the dish: Sea fish, seafood, nuts, bananas, strawberries, carrots, hot peppers, coffee, chocolate, wine, champagne …


Adrenaline addicts like Scorers prices feast which is rich and diverse. Are undecided, but they need a wide range of specialties in order to fully enjoy the festive evening.

The idea for the dish: Make sure you do some exotic food from across the world that will satisfy the desire for adventure shooter.


Members of this sign enjoy traditional dishes. They are stews and meals “with a spoon” important. Keep in mind that the goat are particularly bothered, but you will never forgive the salty food.

The idea for the dish: Homemade soup, a traditional Serbian steak with a rich salad.


The plate of this horoscope sign usually can not find incompatible tastes. Worship savory with the addition of sweet acidic flavor.

The idea for the dish: salad with oranges and turkey can be a big hit for the festive meal of Aquarius.


Pisces is very important atmosphere in which food is consumed. Table decorations, lighting and arrangement of cutlery will occupy their attention. Food lovers are not exaggerated, but they are excellent tasters.

The idea for the dish: Prefer buffet compared to a festive feast, so they canapes their favorite.