Pluton-force, purslane, death, and destruction of, fanatizam, rape, black magic, underground, decomposition ….

Planet: Pluto

Meaning: God of the underworld

Resides in the sign: up to 20 years

Element: Undetermined

Nature: Lava

Temperament: /

Features: regeneration, transformation, transition, reorganization, death, healing, war, group power, resources, crime, magic, mystery, nuclear energy, orgasm, paranoia, depth psychology. regeneration, recycling, reforming, reproduction, therapy, treatment of

Harmonious expression: regeneration, transformation, revival, universal well-being, motivation for further spiritual development

Inharmonious expression: power, defiance, death, destruction, fanaticism, rape, black magic, underground, disintegration, obsession, jealousy, sociopaths, alienated, tricky

Headquarters: Scorpio

Exaltation: Aries, in the opinion of some authors Fish

Expulsion: Taurus

Pad: Libra, in the opinion of some authors Virgo