Point to point – TAČKICA: Check how youth define our destiny

Sincere or distrustful, incontinent, well-intentioned … your properties and fate depend on the mole.

Moles on your body can reveal our destiny depending on the color, size and position of the body. Find out if you imminent life filled with successes, life on the road, a happy marriage, a successful career, or difficulties in work or love.

1. The center of the forehead – Talk about bad character and cruelty. It should be kept of accidents in middle age.

2. Right temples – very capable person. You need to keep the disease in later life.

3. Left temples – The Gambler, people reckless in cash, is unreasonable. It should be kept the disease in later years.

4. Eyebrow – A person happy in marriage, persistent. It should be kept of thunder and food poisoning.

5. The outer corner of the eye – Enough honest person. He feels the need to be loved. Great opportunity to live outside the borders of the motherland.

6. Introduction – Fame, fortune, ruthlessness. When there are young people in this place tends towards a very strange life events.

7. Right face – happy life, successful people. In later years, there is a possibility of succession, but also emotional disappointment.

8. Left face – serious and studious person. Fight through life. Ahead of discomfort in sexual relations.

9. Right nostril – This can be a great traveler, she loves nature and movements. These are great lovers. Men usually have a lot of women through life.

10. The left nostril – Unreliable and distrustful of people, but very happy. It should be kept falling.

11. The tip of the nose – a true friend. Count that this person is very reliable. Her character portrays confidence.

12 Nostrils – means a person tramp. These people usually travel a lot in life, but do not stay in the same place. A life filled with adventures and relocations.

13 Upper lip – Well-intentioned but greedy people. This person has bad intentions towards their environment, or from life expecting all the luxury and splendor.

14 Lower lip – Quiet and studious person. Happier in the second half of life. These are usually very reclusive people who end up reaping the fruits of their patience.

15. Brad – Common sense and conscientiousness. The gift of art. When you have young people here is very likely to be his profession in the artistic sector.