Positive aspects of the twelfth astrological field and what does it bring?

Twelve field is our unconscious mind, but no matter how much we do not see and we do not have control over these mechanisms, we can get to it through visualization, meditation, in the process of dreaming and in various other ways. This is our pantry and even though we’re not aware of what we packed it in years or some other place of us, does not mean that we can now have a greater awareness of the things that goes into the unconscious mind.

As you know most of the things that we are, standing so we hope that we shall one day use, we have to prioritize and not part of everyday life, and again give us some assurance that one will find when they are needed most. As with things, and with beliefs about the beliefs we hold although infantile and long useless, trying to blame the environment for all the things we’ve done.

I recently read on a blog that the son of his father transferred all his rap song. This compelled the situation (already left for work) had these songs to listen to. Some songs are him and liked, some not at all, but wondered what would happen if for a moment listening to a song from someone else’s playlist, whether they would continue to listen to and what we were doing with them? Similarly, every family has a specific playlists that members listen. How to reach almost the seventh year the child is functioning at the highest theta waves, waves of hypnosis, it unconsciously listens family songs even when they grow up and leave the family. Some of these songs are very helpful and encouraging, some no longer make sense, and maybe they never had.

12 field are our songs, sentences, thoughts, dreams and hopes, body experiences, both subconscious and higher consciousness, as well as a storage room, a storage room as the remains of the house, and we have about it are equally taken into account. It may not be as important as the living room (the first field), but it remains to be vacuumed, cleaned and deleted. When we are part of the house is dirty we can not blame others for it. Complain to someone as sweet Milka with three kinds of charging and for some time even fun when you eat, but the more you eat, the more you eat, and the pounds are packed and unconscious beliefs and labels.

12 and the field is so fast, because we refrain from desire and strive for higher knowledge through renunciation. Well, before we eliminate the food, we have to eliminate thoughts, specifically guard against what we perceive, think and conclude. 12 field is a field of great enlightenment that affect the entire karmic process on a scale that we can not even imagine the conscious mind, but we plan to duhovonom.

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