Practical and Research astrology

Practical and Research astrology is a lot different. The research aims to describe astrology that deals with the symbolism that may or may not be practical, it involves matters of mythology, philosophy, involves the outer planets, fixed stars, smaller aspects and the like.

Practical Astrology is based on the substance and on the use of this substance. So why all knowledge about Jupiter in Cancer, when you do not know what this means in the context of one’s birth chart. We have a lot of astrological books that are not practical, with all due respect to the authors who wrote them, but the listing of the situation of the planet by the signs, and even their aspects does not mean anything when you do not know what questions to ask and what to watch.

Next thing the systems houses. Some astrologers use one, some the other system, some use multiple systems and again they were right! Furthermore, the role of dispositor in the map, some astrologers do not use them, the others are in turn used too.

And now, the question is, who you can trust and from whom to learn, when the essence of the whole astrological assumption that energy work successfully acknowledge the people who are coming to you. According to this, everyone who even remotely interested in astrology can work interpretation, because its interpretation is always correspond to a group of people.

Of course, the intention, and access to astrological interpretation actually astrologers share among themselves. Mechanism astrological interpretations has not worked out, there are some suggestions that, for example, moving from the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, the Ascendant, or what to do next with it. Does the position of the sun facing the house, sign almutenu, dipozitoru, aspect, configuration? Does the Moon in Taurus represents the need for security, is it really need this person to your smocije materialize, whether for this person, we can say that it is persistent or to speak to someone with the Sun in Taurus?

So, the final answer is that there is no answer, I tendency to make any valid mechanism of correct questions that will be asked during the interpretation. And instead we say that someone is steadfast, because he was on the fixed star Chiron, should take a close look at the personal planets and their aspects.

1 Mechanism of questions
2. The priorities in their setting
3. Connectivity

These are the three most important (personal assumption) element in the interpretation. The third depends solely on the individual, the first two can be learned.

And a mini astrological reminder:

* Ask many questions wrong before you set right.
* Astrology can not be taught, because it means that you can learn all the people of this world …
* Natal chart can not be fully explained, because it is a set of combinations.