Professional complainer: This zodiac signs can never UDOVOLJITE

Some people are hard to please, but these signs are almost impossible to be at will. They are professionals in finding defects.


Najneodlučnijih One of the characters is also the best in its criticism.

Their propensity for second thoughts is amazing. This is why finding flaws and more especially where people do not even think of.


Device are perfectionists. This is nothing new, but this is why they are never able to relax and enjoy things as they are.

They seem like forever unsatisfied, and in fact their goal of finding a flaw ej make things better. That’s how they see it.


This character is not so fond of criticizing others as much as he likes to find fault with him.

Aquarius wanted to be perfect, but it is of course impossible.

For them, self-criticism is actually part of the therapy.