Provocation and low blows: If you ever insult the horoscope signs, expect the worst

You know those people that when you laugh on their account toss tart smile, angry for the slightest little thing and then you get revenge when they least expect it? Well, they are in the horoscope probably one of these three characters.


Aries is a fire sign and had a very short fuse. If something is almost invisible for most of the little things, he can be perceived as an attack on his ego.A then save yourself when you can.

Their sometimes violent reactions are so reckless and unjustified, you will remain speechless. If a joke at his expense, and he took this as a call-out is able to swiftly react and demonstratively leave the party, cafe, flat, ground … The second option is that you are drawn into a discussion that can last for hours, until he came out as a winner .

It is also a lot of grudges, do not you forget it. However, in spite of everything, the person in this sign is nice to have in your life.


Leo and his vanity, which hinders him in all areas. If he hurt her, expect revenge.

Leo is self-centered and loves to act like a diva, especially if it becomes convinced that it is damaged or injured in some way.

When he knows that there is no argument for their claims, will leave the discussion with a frown, shouting and banging doors. Even when he knows he’s wrong, will occur first, even if the whole world burned. Because of their sacrifice vanity relationships and friendships that have been built for years. Therefore, it ranks among the worst astro friends.


Scorpio does not need much to get angry, but when angry is ready for a low blow, and tingling provocation, insults, and sometimes physical lunged at him who provoked her anger.

They are very unstable, their reaction is impossible to predict, but each argument experiencing very emotional. When injured, will not be quiet until revenge for what he considered that it caused pain.

Since revenge eaten cold, cunning will forge and wait for the right moment to carry it out. So if you find yourself the target of scorpion vindictive campaign, do not be surprised you do not know what you’ve done to hurt her – it could have been mepromisleni comment you sent her a few years ago, and whom nobody remembers’m resentful Scorpio.